Moldex3D Announces 2020 Moldex3D Global Innovation Talent Award Winners

on 10/28/2020

Hsinchu, Taiwan — October 28, 2020 —Moldex3D announced today the winners of the 2020 Moldex3D Global Innovation Talent Award (GITA)! This year marked the sixth iteration of GITA and the competition is intended to introduce more people to molding simulation software and to show the critical role it plays during the product design and manufacturing process.

This year’s competition coincided with the 25th anniversary of Moldex3D and a record number of entries were received as well. More than a hundred entries were received from professionals in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Also, The diversity and the quality of the entries we received this year were very impressive. We received not only cases of solving manufacturing defects but also cases of applying Moldex3D to solve smart molding challenges.  These all demonstrate that the impact of simulation on the plastics manufacturing industry continues to grow.

Diptronics Manufacturing Inc., emerged from a field of more than 100 entries to be declared the winner of the Company category! Their electronic switching project titled “The Critical 0.088 Seconds” set exacting requirements for product coverage to ensure that the switch can control the power circuit. The existence of any defects, such as short shots or air-traps renders the switch inoperable. The Diptronics team used Moldex3D to optimize the runner design and gate location. With the Digital Prototyping, they successfully improve the flow unbalance challenges and reduce the residual stress. Meanwhile, Diptronics team increased overall production yields by 39.68% and shortened the production cycle by 16% by adjusting the overflow area and product design.

Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG, the leading global supplier of cleaning solutions. Their “Fully Automated and Optimization Workflow for Injection Molding Design and Manufacturing” won 2nd place in the Company category. They adopted Moldex3D API into the automated workflow and simulation process that enable users to carry out analysis with only simple parameters setting.  With this method, users can greatly accelerate the time of new product development. 

The first-place winner of the Student category was Jun-Hao Mao and his advising professor, Hsin-Shu Peng, from Feng Chia University. Their entry titled “Study of the Application of Analysis and Practice of the Lightweight-process of Shoe-midsoles through Moldex3D Foam Injection Molding” reflected the footwear industry’s demand for lightweight soles. Recyclable SEBS elastomer was also used to support the green circular economy. The foam injection molding (FIM) of Moldex3D was used with success to reduce product weight, overcome the product’s problem with surface shrinkage and realize the requirements of the green circular economy.

“The number of entries reflects the growing importance of molding analysis to the industry,” said Dr. Venny Yang, deputy CEO of Moldex3D. “Many businesses have reached a certain level of maturity with plastics engineering simulation to enable faster design decision making processes to keep the so they can keep the strong competitiveness.”

Dr. Rong-Yeu Chang, President and CEO of Moldex3D, said: “We thank all talented people in the industry and universities for taking part this year. Moldex3D will continue to work hard and join forces with industries in building an even better plastics simulation software.”

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