Competitive advantages of Moldex3D over its counterparts?

As opposed to its competitors, CoreTech System believes it is accuracy that makes good CAE software. CoreTech System has developed Moldex3D Solution Packages, bringing up high accuracy and high performance to plastic injection molding industry.

Moldex3D was the first complete suite for true 3D analysis on the market. It was developed with accuracy, speed and parallel computation in mind. For example, it’s the only software that can capture flow imbalance in a geometrically balanced runner system. This implies a very accurate prediction of shear thinning, viscous heating and non-Newtonian flow of plastic injection process.

Moldex3D provide modeling with different types meshing technique, full 3D Solid, 2D Shell and eDesign (Cartesin), to keep high performance simulation in different user scenario.

Moldex3D Studio provides streamline forward simulation workflow through pre-processing and solver calculation with a variety of pre/post and project management tools.

How can I find the most suitable Moldex3D products for my application?

If your product has uniform wall thickness, like a dashboard or TV front panel, you should use Moldex3D Professional. If your product has very variable wall thickness or is chunky and thick, you should use Moldex3D Advanced. Both Moldex3D Professional and Moldex3D Advanced are excellent for in-depth analysis.

However, if your product does not have significant curved surfaces, you will find Moldex3D eDesign very easy to use and accurate. It’s also the best tool for designers to have quick and accurate checks on their parts.

Depending on the type of desired process, Flow, Pack, Cool and Warp are usually the regular modules for a complete analysis. If you often use fiber-reinforced material, Fiber module is recommended. If you would like to export the process-induced properties for structural analyses, Moldex3D FEA Interface module is required.

If you are interested in using Moldex3D for more complicated processes, such as gas-assisted injection molding, multiple component molding or reactive injection molding, please contact us for further inquiries.

If I can’t find a reseller near me, where can I get support?

CoreTech has established a robust network of reseller partners around the world. CoreTech’s resellers are not only software sales companies, but companies with good expertise in injection molding. Moreover, CoreTech always stands behind our global resellers to support its customers. If you can’t find an authorized reseller in your region, please contact us through online contact form.

What kind of CAD format is recommended for Moldex3D Pre-processing?

Moldex3D can interface with any mainstream CAD software through IGES or STEP formats. For Moldex3D eDesign model part geometry in STL format is recommended.

With the powerful CAD functions of Moldex3D Studio and Mesh, users can patch or edit CAD geometries very easily.

If I can’t find an appropriate grade of material in Moldex3D database, what kind of support is provided?

CoreTech will work with your material supplier for the necessary material data. If it’s not available from the material supplier, CoreTech can provides you Material characterization service upon request. Alternatively, Moldex3D users can sign in to download necessary data by paying an annual fee.

Can Moldex3D simulate the MIM (Metal-powder Injection Molding) process?

Metal Injection Molding represents the merging of two established technologies: injection molding and powdered metal. From the process point of view, MIM is very similar to plastic injection molding. As long as the rheological properties of the metal powder and its binder material can be fully characterized (please refer to Material Characterization for details), Moldex3D can simulate its filling, packing and cooling behaviors successfully. However, Moldex3D cannot simulate the debinding and sintering steps of MIM.

As most of the MIM parts are chunky or with variable thickness, it’s suggested to use Moldex3D Advanced or Moldex3D eDesign. Only the Flow, Pack and Cool modules are needed for MIM.

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