Brand Story

Modest and diligent Taiwan spirit is reflected in Moldex3D without reservation. Incepted as an academic project, Moldex3D takes strong foothold in Taiwan and progressively in Asia and the world over. Innovation and exploitation of new frontier is intrinsic in Moldex3D. The first mold flow simulation software on Microsoft Windows platform was developed by Moldex3D. Moldex3D also led the launch of true three-dimensional meshing analysis software.

Moldex3D takes unparallel emphasis on compatibility. By provisioning the professional mold flow analysis, Moldex3D integrates flawlessly with other leading CAD, PLM, and CAE software. Moldex3D focuses on the applications in plastic injection molding and leverages its nimbleness and responsiveness to better serve global customers and partners. Customer-oriented and considerate services are core values within Moldex3D.

Moldex3D possesses every quality of high-technology – precision, reliability, and performance. Moldex3D is also synonymous of flexibility, scalability, and future-proof, given those characteristics are embedded product features.



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