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Moldex3D provides various realistic 3D simulation solutions for the composite molding process, such as short fiber injection molding, long fiber injection molding, SMC/BMC/GMT/D-LFT compression molding, various RTM (Vacuum RTM, High Pressure RTM, Wet RTM) and Hybrid molding, etc.

Our Services

Fiber Orientation Prediction
Visualize fiber orientation, length, and concentration inside fiber-reinforced plastics.
Evaluate the filler effect to mechanical properties and final shrinkage
Optimize process conditions to enhance the part strength.
Support short, long, flat fiber and flake orientation simulation.

Resin Transfer Molding
Predict resin flow behavior through anisotropic porous media.
Decide appropriate fabric materials, and optimize process conditions.
Control resin infusion by pressure or flow rate.
Capture cure reaction trend during molding through viscosity and kinetics models.

SMC/BMC/GMT/D-LFT Compression Molding
Visualize dynamic melt flow advancement during compression molding process.
Evaluate chopped fiber orientation prediction, compression force response and anisotropic warpage result for SMC/BMC/GMT/D-LFT compression molding.
Predict Potential molding defects, such as flashing.


Material Characterization
Evaluate the variation of temperature and curing kinetics for reactive material.
Evaluate viscoelastic properties, chemical shrinkage and thermal expansion effect for different components.
Validate the characteristics of fiber permeability.

FEA Interface/Micromechanics Interface
Integrated with industrial leading structural software, including ABAQUS, ANSYS, LS-DYNA, Marc, NASTRAN, and RADIOSS.
Export Fiber and Stress analysis results to calculate further structural performance.
Validate the structural performance of products and mold sustainability.

Moldex3D Digimat-RP
Bridge manufacturing process and FEA analysis.
Predict the mechanical behaviors with nonlinear material modeling technology for reinforced plastic.
Define material properties and criteria of failure properties for reinforced plastic.
Support automatic reverse engineering for material model generation based on experiment data.


Moldex3D Material Research Center has the best in class equipment to help customers obtain the most reliable
and precise material data.


What We Provide? List of Instruments

Thermoplastic / Thermoset Material / Fabric Testing
Custom and Flexible Testing Item
Alternative Material Suggestion
Data Fitting
Custom Report





DHR-3 (TA)
MCR-502 (Anton Paar)
Rheograph RG-25(Gottfert)
DSC-8500 (Perkin Elmar)
FOAMAT 285 (Format)
DMA-Q850 (TA)
Instron 5966 (Instron)
TMA-4000 (Perkin Elmar)
PVT-6000 (GoTech)



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