Machine Characterization Service

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Moldex3D Machine Characterization service plays an important role by creating digital twins for smart manufacturing. The service bridges the gap between simulation and production by incorporating CAE simulation with physical characteristics and dynamic responses of actual molding machines. Through this service, optimized process conditions generated by Moldex3D simulation can be directly applied to shop floor to significantly reduce the time and cost of mold tryouts.

Now available on iMolding Hub (part of Moldiverse)



Our Services

  • Collect and analyze dynamic response data of molding machine
  • Create model file of Moldex3D machine digital twin (*.MMIP)
  • Provide professional report of Machine characteristics analysis


Analysis items of machine characterization
Specification Analysis
  • Speed Specification
  • Pressure Specification
Performance Analysis
  • Speed Response
  • Switch Position
  • Charge Stroke
  • Pressure Response
  • Response Time
  • Delay Time
Manufacturing Analysis
  • Manufacturing Stability
  • Backflow Analysis
  • Potential Issue



Benefits and Advantages

Identify the characteristics and status of machine

  • Identify physical characteristics of the machine
  • Identify actual dynamic responses of the machine
  • Evaluate production stability and related potential issues

Bridge gaps between simulation and manufacturing

  • Enable simulation considering actual molding response of machine
  • Enable simulation results approaching real molding patterns
  • Generate process conditions fit in real setting of molding machine

Connect simulation to real production

  • Able to directly apply CAE process conditions on shop floor
  • Reduce the time and cost from mold tryout to production
  • Create possibility for workflow automation from simulation to machine controller



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