What is Moldex3D Plastic Molding

The leading true-3D molding simulation software can be applied in a wide range of plastic molding processes. We can predict potential manufacturing defects, validates part/mold design, lowers mold development costs, evaluates manufacturability, shortens time-to-market, and greatly increases business value.

  • One single platform to run all powerful Moldex3D simulations
  • Integrated workflow to ensure accurate meshing and modeling
  • Support multiple processes by applications. Check out our solution

Why You Need Moldex3D

  • Shorten cycle time and time-to-market
  • Reduce number of mold trials and manufacturing costs
  • Increase revenue and ROI
  • Minimize product defects and extend mold life

What Can Moldex3D Do


  • Predict melt front and flow patterns
  • Optimize gate locations and designs
  • Diagnose short shots, air traps, weld lines, flow imbalance, and more
  • Simulate multi-component interaction


  • Evaluate gate-freeze time
  • Avoid sink mark or flash
  • Optimize packing profile


  • Improve cooling efficiency and reduce cooling cycle
  • Predict hot spots
  • Support multiple cooling / heating system, conformal cooling and CFD


  • Foresee final part shape
  • Identify warpage causes
  • Support residual stress, anisotropic, in-mold constraint effect analysis

CAD & Mesh

  • CAD conversion & repair tool
  • Modeling Capability
  • Powerful automatic & customized meshing technology

Advanced Analysis

  • Machine Response & Plastification
  • Advanced Hot Runner (AHR)
  • Stress & Viscoelasticity (VE)
  • Optics
  • In-Mold Decoration (IMD)


  • Parallel Processing (PP)
  • Remote computing
  • Windows and Linux HPC platform supported
  • Cloud-Connect: Cloud computing HPC toolkit


  • Report Wizard
  • Expert (DOE)
  • Moldex3D API



Product Portfolio and Features

Standard Injection Molding


Solution Add-on

  1. Material Database: thermoplastics materials, thermoset materials, molding materials, coolant materials, and mold materials.
  2. Import geometry from CATIA V5 and Rhino, as well as STEP, IGES, Parasolid and STL files.
  3. Material Hub Cloud (MHC) is a cloud database offering the most up-to-date material properties for users to find suitable materials and alternatives.
  4. The best on-line practical guide and demo videos by Moldex3D software experts.
  5. Moldex3D SYNC supports PTC® Creo®, NX, and SOLIDWORKS®.
  6. iSLM is an intelligent and interactive data management platform for plastic product development lifecycle.
  7. Prerequisite license is required.
  8. Moldex3D FEA Interface supports Abaqus, Ansys, MSC Nastran, NX Nastran, LS-DYNA, MSC Marc, and OptiStruct.
  9. Moldex3D Micromechanics Interface supports Digimat and CONVERSE.
  10. Machine Response function requires the machine file received from the Machine Characterization Service.


System Requirements

A. Supported Platform

Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server 2019


CentOS 7 series, CentOS 8 series, RHEL 7 series, RHEL 8 series

B. Hardware Recommendation
CPU AMD Ryzen™ 7 series, Intel® Core™ i7 series
HDD 20 GB free space (For Program Installation)
CPU AMD EPYC™ Milan / Milan-X series, Intel® XEON® Gold / Platinum / Bronze series
RAM 16GB x 8 With ECC / 3200Mhz 
HDD 4 TB SSD (For Project Management)
Graphic Card NVIDIA Quadro series, AMD Radeon series
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080
  • Linux platform is used for calculation resource only. Moldex3D Pre/Post-processor does not support Linux platform.
  • To increase calculation efficiency and stability, it is recommended to switch off Hyper-Threading under RC/DMP structure. For memory population rules, please refer to your CPU processor type for optimized performance.

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