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The Kruse Training “Circle of Knowledge” is holistic method that teaches the cause-and-effect behavior in injection molding, helping engineers become all-around molding experts. Kruse Training is an online program that provides an overview of how injection molding professionals, from entry-level to experienced engineers, can benefit from this comprehensive approach. The lessons contain real-world examples of molding scenarios that show how to integrate the training materials in the real world.  The Kruse Training method is aimed at helping develop synergistic teams of cross-trained professionals who can successfully design and mold plastic components. 

Focused Learning for the Injection Molding Industry

Kruse Training stands out from other training programs because of its focused learning approach and through its multimedia format which engages the student in the learning process. The lessons are short enough to hold a learner’s attention, yet thorough. The lessons contain virtual CAE simulations on real parts that reinforce the learning outcome and the engineers’ overall understanding of interactions in a real molding environment.

Because of the program’s multi-level approach, Kruse Training is a valuable tool for a wide array of professionals, from entry-level to experienced engineers. Kruse is designed for part and mold designers, mold makers, and molders – basically everyone in the injection molding industry.

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