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Moldex3D is a leading CAE software brand in the global plastic injection molding industry. Our certification program aims to cultivate talents in the field of plastic injection molding analysis by offering practical courses, expert instructors, and a quality learning environment. We strive to be the trusted partner and preferred choice for mold design, helping industries worldwide solve design and manufacturing challenges for plastic products and enhance their international competitiveness.

Moldex3D Certification


Junior Analyst





Candidates All With Analyst certificate for 3 Month Restricted to resellers and collaborative teachers from colleges and universities only. With Expert certificate
Exam Format Academic and skill tests Provide the certificates and mock teaching assessments Submit application along with the corresponding materials for review by the Certification Committee.
Exam Topic Introduction to Molding and Moldex3D CAE software Knowledge of Molding and Moldex3D CAE software
  • Pass the Analyst and Expert exams, achieving specific scores is required.
  • Offer mock teaching assessments.
Contribution on Molding Simulation
Test Centers Moldex3D HQ and Branches
Moldex3D Academic-Industrial Collaboration (MAIC) Moldex3D Authorized Certification Center (MACC)
Moldex3D HQ

Note: For information regarding the certification courses and certification exam schedules for each level, please contact our headquarters or the respective regional sales teams.

Certification Level Instructions

Moldex3D Certification levels of Analyst and Expert allow the experienced CAE professionals to demonstrate and validate their knowledge of injection molding, part design and mold design with powerful Moldex3D software. The Certification Examinations are held at Moldex3D HQ and Branches, and Moldex3D Authorized Certification Center (MACC). Contact Moldex3D or MACC to register the exams. For more information about the relevant courses and exams, please refer to Moldex3D Training Schedule.

Moldex3D Certification level of Master: Candidates must obtain an Expert certificate and the prepares materials including:

  • Applicants should first fill in the written application form. The content includes outstanding deeds, use of Moldex3D related works, goodwill.
  • The deeds and works mentioned in the application must provide proof and allow the relevant works to be used publicly (official media promotion. advertising printing…)
  • Provide 2 or more recommendation letters (third-party industry executives or academic professors)
  • The content of the above submitted application will be reviewed and decided by the “Moldex3D Master Certification Committee” after the preliminary information is approved.

Moldex3D Analyst and expert certification course content

Obtaining a Moldex3D Analyst Certificate demonstrates that you have the knowledge necessary to:

  • Validate the proper design of product.
  • Know how to achieve the optimized filling.
  • Know how to avoid the defects resulted from material, thickness, gate number and gate locations.

You also know:

  • The effects of plastic materials and flow behavior on molding and products
  • The basics of product design and length-to-thickness ratio (L/t)


Participants of Moldex3D Expert certification must first obtain *Analyst Certificate and the attendance of Moldex3D Certification Courses (MCCs) are prerequisite.

Obtaining a Moldex3D Expert Certificate demonstrates that you have the knowledge necessary to:

  • Solve the defects due to poor mold design.
  • Revise the design based on simulation results with the optimization of mold and molding parameters.

You also know:

  • The injection molding cycle.
  • The effects of process conditions on molding and the product.
  • The basics of molding design.

Moldex3D Certification Courses (MCCs)

Textbook of “Molding Simulation: Theory and Practice
Courses Contents for Analyst Contents for Expert
MCC001 Overview of Plastics Molding
The systems of Injection Molding, Defects of Injection Molded Products, Application of CAE technology in Injection Molding
MCC006 Process Conditions
Introduction to Injection Molding Cycle, Plasticizing Conditions, Filling Conditions, Packing Conditions, Cooling Conditions
MCC002 Material Properties of Plastics
Rheological Properties, Thermodynamic and Thermal Properties, Mechanical Properties, Kinetic Properties, Curing Kinetics
MCC007 Runner and Gate Design
General Design Guide of Runners and Gates, Gate Types, Gate Sealing, Flow Balance
MCC003 Part Design and Mold Design
Basics of Part Design (uniform wall thickness, radius/fillets and chamfer angle, draft angle, DFM), L/t Ratio, Gate Location and Numbers, Basics of Mold Design, Parting Line
MCC008 Cooling Optimization 
Heat Transfer Mechanism, Uniform Mold Temperature, General Design Guide of Cooling Channel, Cooling Efficiency, Cooling Time Estimate, CAE Cooling Analysis, Conformal Cooling Application
MCC004 Flow Consideration versus Part Features 
Flow Behavior of Plastic Melt In the Cavity, Effects of Filling Time, Flow Rate versus Injection Pressure, Effects of Part Thickness, Material Viscosity and Flow Behavior
MCC009 Warpage Control 
The Causes of Warpage, Material Effects, Geometrical Effects, Process Condition Effects, Criteria of CAE Warp Analysis, Methods to Minimize Warpage
MCC005 Molding Simulation Methodology 
The Goal of Molding Simulation, Basics of Simulation Equations, What is Molding Simulation
MCC010 Hot Runner Optimization
Process Principle, Temperature Control in Hot Runner System, Advantages and Challenges

Test Contents of Analyst and Expert Certifications

Both Analyst and Expert Certifications examination contain Subject Test and Skill Test. The examinee should complete the Subject Test and Skill Test ON THE SAME DAY.

  Subject Test
Moldex3D Certification Courses (MCC001-010)
Skill Test
Moldex3D eDesign/ Solid
Analyst MCC001-005
  • The concept of plastics injection molding
  • Plastics materials
  • Product design and L/t
  • The effects of plastics flow behavior
  • The concept of CAE simulation foundation
Simulation and interpretation
  • CAD (without cooling channels)
  • Design changes of product thickness
  • Design changes of gate location
Expert MCC006-010
  • Injection molding cycle
  • The design of runner and gate
  • The design of cooling channel
  • The causes and control of warpage
  • The concept of temperature control for hot runner system
Simulation and interpretation
  • CAD (with cooling channels)
  • Interpretation of factors of warpage
  • Optimization of molding parameters
Question Type 60 Multiple-choice questions Essay questions
Test Timing 1 hour 7 hours
Passing Standard 80/120pts 80/100pts

Retake Policy: Candidates can retake the exam after a three-month waiting period for the first attempt, six months for the second attempt (with mandatory course participation), and one year for the third attempt. For example, if the initial exam in March is unsuccessful, the candidate can retake it in June. If they fail again, they can retake it in December after completing the required course. If unsuccessful in both attempts, the next retake is available in December of the following year.

About the Certificates

The Certificate samples are as the followings. The certification will be issued in electronic format. Upon successful completion of the certification, you will receive the certificate via email notification. To retrieve the certificate(s), please contact the certification center where you applied for the certification exam.

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