Industry Challenges

Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composite materials have been widely used in aerospace industry because of its characteristics such as high strength, high stiffness, light weight. The capability of optimizing molding process becomes your absolute advantage in this competitive industry.

Moldex3D Solutions and Benefits

Based on true 3D simulation technology, Moldex3D Solutions is able to provide aerospace manufacturers and design engineers robust simulation result to avoid the potential problems and find out optimal process conditions at early stage. Moldex3D provides the powerful tools Moldex3D Fiber for predicting discontinuous fiber process. It can not only simulate fiber orientation, fiber length (fiber breakage prediction) and fiber concentration but also calculate process-induced anisotropic thermo-mechanical properties. For continuous fiber manufacturing process, Moldex3D RTM is capable of predicting resin filling behavior in complex layup. Moldex3D Solutions bring the benefits of economic development by saving production cost and reducing time-to-market cycle.

Moldex3D Solves Tough Problems

Fiber properties

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    • Manufacturers usually pay more attention on fiber orientation, length, and concentration, because these properties have a great impact on mechanical properties of the product. During the Injection molding process, fiber breakage inside the barrel and cavity at the filling stage. It is very important to keep the fiber length during the injection molding process.
    • Moldex3D is capable of predicting fiber orientation, length, and concentration.The FRP composites manufactring process can all get benefits from Moldex3D simulations. These innovative molding technologies are supported in Moldex3D as Solution Add-ons.

Anisotropic filling behavior

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