About Moldex3D

As the pioneering provider of plastics engineering simulation solutions, Moldex3D achieves customers' quest for the best. We are creating a closed loop from design to manufacturing powering revolutions and fully supporting customers to break boundaries under the ever-changing industries.

Who We Are

CoreTech System Co., Ltd. (Moldex3D) was founded in 1995 in Taiwan by Professor Rong-Yeu Chang, Dr. Chia-Hsiang (David) Hsu, Dr. Wen-Li (Venny) Yang, Mr. Ming-Hong (Vito) Tsai and Dr. Wen-Hsien (Anthony) Yang. We have been providing the professional plastic injection molding simulation solution “Moldex3D” for the plastic molding industry.

We are committed to developing innovative technology, helping customers troubleshoot from product design to development, to optimize design patterns, to shorten time-to-market, and maximize product ROI. Unlike other simulation software providers, our vision is to apply simulation results directly in real-world production by realizing “digital twins”, providing solutions to every stage in the whole process from design to manufacturing.

What We Can Help

Our supports for customers start from very beginning – materials and product designs. With our own Material Research Center, Moldex3D provides material characterization service to fully consider material properties in simulation. The “Material Digital Twin” concept is simultaneously integrated to correct material parameters and obtain more accurate material data. For the practice of the “Design Digital Twin”, Moldex3D can synchronize with the major design software including NX, Creo and SolidWorks, accelerating design and optimization in users’ familiar CAD/ CAM environments.

How We Innovate

Closing the gap between virtuality and reality we realize the concept of “Machine Digital Twin”. Moldex3D machine characterization service brings physical characteristics and dynamic responses of actual molding machines into simulation, making the analysis results much closer to the real world. Moldex3D also support the simulation technologies of multiple molding processes, which is the implementation of “Process Digital Twin”.

To manage the entire production workflow, turn to Moldex3D iSLM – the intelligent and interactive data management platform tailored for plastic engineering. All the valuable molding data and experiences can be efficiently stored and extracted and easily shared with team members.

What’s Next

Emerged from our core values, Integrity, Teamwork, Client-focus, Accountability and Excellence (ITCAE), we continue to pursue breakthroughs in technologies and best support to our users. By creating a closed loop from design to manufacturing, and even the big data management, Moldex3D is the best partner of the industry, bringing the comprehensive solutions to help realize smart manufacturing and digital transformation.

▸ Integrity

We do obey by professional disciplines and ethical requirements and carry out the commitment made to everyone.

▸ Teamwork

We do respect diversity, share our experience with no reservation and take care of each other to create the largest synergy for our team and company.

▸ Client-focus

We work together to develop and manage the challenges from our channels and clients and keep creating values for them.

▸ Accountability

We carry out the spirit of accountability, walk the talk and always face challenges with optimism attitude and accomplish what we should do.

▸ Excellence

We challenge the status quo and dare to propose the innovative solutions, and continuously pursue personal and team’s breakthrough and growth with speed.

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