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EPS FloTek

EPS FloTek provides consulting services in all aspects of filling, packing, cooling and warpage analysis for injection molding using both Solid and Shell modules. We offer services for the Conventional Injection molding process, Gas Assist Injection molding process, Thermoset Injection molding and Insert molding. With the analysis results and our expertise in interpreting the analysis results, you will be able to optimize your part design, tool design and processes to maximize part quality and minimize cycle time and cost.


FlowHow was established in 1994 by NKT Research and has ever since been working as consultants in plastics. On the first of May 2002 the present owner Peer Guldbrandsen took over FlowHow from NKT Research. From this date FlowHow also changed to Moldex3D simulation software.FlowHow is a unique combination of industrial experience and process simulation in injection moulding of plastics. This combination gives an exceptional broad overview of the possibilities of the process, and therefore FlowHow is able to provide effective advice in all phases from product development to production resulting in optimum plastic parts, both technically and economically.The FlowHow team is specialized in:Process Simulation/ Part Design &Investigation/ Choice of Material/ Cost Reduction/ Injection Moulding/ Mould Construction/Production/ Product Safety/ Assembly processes/ Structural Calculations/ Courses and Training.

Kruse Analysis

Kruse Analysis provides innovative CAE simulation services solutions to the injection molding industry. We use Moldex3D simulation software to provide our clients the opportunity to evaluate essential aspects of part moldability. By performing this critical process before a part is designed and the mold is built, Kruse Analysis can save clients time and money by providing optimal solutions and eliminating the potential for costly part redesign and mold rework.

At Kruse Analysis we pride ourselves on 23+ years of experience in part design, mold design, material chemistry, processing training, and actual hands-on molding. Analysts combine experience with state-of-the-art CAE and CAD software, high tech hardware systems, and innovative tools and methods to present analysis results.


Logicplas provides injection moulding simulation and engineering services. It is important to use the data in different forms when making a decision or understanding a problem. Therefore, Logicplas is using Moldex3D to analyse your mould, part design, material and process. Identifying the risks at the early stages of a project will save time and money. Our clients will get the full benefit of a simulation service with combination of our injection moulding knowledge and manufacturing experience. Inject before you cut the steel!

Molded Part Sciences Inc.

Capability to address any molding, product or mold design issue from thin wall connectors to large automotive parts
-Process parameter selection
-Hot runner balance, design and sizing
-Cooling and warp/geometry-ribs, corrugations
-Valve gates-sequencing, timing
-Cold runner balance, design and sizing
-Molding window analysis-fill, pressure, temperature
-Alternate material analysis, weld lines
-Database analysis, material model checks
-Gate design, flow leaders/restrictors

Minnotec co. ltd

Minnotec’s mission is to be a leading technology center in Asia in the Mold and Molding Industry by delivering innovative services, for a greener future.

Service including:
AIoM : AI and Internet of Molding
An industry 4.0 digitalization management system aim for data transparency by incorporating the concept of IoT to achieve smart manufacturing

AMT : Advanced Molding Technology
An incorporation of the use of advanced molding technologies for plastic part manufacturing that are greener, higher quality and higher efficiency

SMTC : Scientific Molding Training Certification
An injection molding and simulation certification program to train the technicians by combining knowledge from theories with years of experience


Plazology is an injection moulding technical consultancy firm, providing virtual design moulding and analysis; assisting in the development and production of your moulded components. We are Moldex3D expert accredited, and one of their certified service solutions partner. With years of experience in the injection moulding industry, Plazology is well placed in various sector: from intricate medical devices to high volume FMCG and big tonnage machines for automotive. We have in-depth understanding of polymer science, computation fluid dynamics, mould tool design, process optimisation and validation, root cause analysis and troubleshoot; allowing us to provide a turnkey solution to your upcoming or ongoing plastic moulding projects.

Plazology also have our very own injection moulding facilities and measuring equipment (CMM & Vision system), allowing us to support our customers in the entire product lifecycle, from front end design optimisation till production roll out.


PROCAD Technologies is a full service engineering and design firm that uses MOLDEX3D for mold filling simulation and process optimization. We have over 35 years of experience in product design, tool design, and analysis. We specialize in helping customers develop new products and all associated tooling, fixtures, and processing to ensure a quick and efficient project start up. We also help our clients take existing problematic projects and improve them with product updates, tooling changes, and processing adjustments. Our aim is to become a virtual engineering service company to support all of our clients anywhere in the world. We can also help guys our clients to excellent tooling and molding vendors to continue their projects long term.

Reflex Technical Services Ltd.

With over 30 years’ experience, Reflex Technical Services provides expert mould flow consultancy to a global customer base covering a wide range of applications.
– Based on front line experience in highly demanding areas of the injection moulding industry we are able to offer realistic, practical advice to accompany simulation results.
– We believe good communication between the designer, toolmaker and moulder is a fundamental requirement for success and we aim to integrate with your team to benefit this process.
– We are able to make changes to your CAD data in house, saving time when further iterations are required.
– Our aims are to help improve your product and to reduce costs and time to market by solving problems before they occur.


Reopoly is a technical consulting firm specializing in rheological analyses using plastics injection simulation processes and structural analysis. Reopoly staff has extensive experience in the plastics injection industry, mold making and rheological simulation. Reopoly provides services for automobiles, gardening, houseware, electronics and aeronautics industries and other fields using technical plastics.With the professional knowledge, vast experience and Moldex3D, customers will get cost-effective solutions with highest quality.

Shadow Polymer Industries

Shadow Polymer Industries is a full service design, engineering, optimization, analysis, and testing group dedicated to state-of-the-art product development and advanced manufacturing. We surpass our client’s expectations by employing a unique combination of practical experience with advanced simulation and testing technologies to optimize manufacturing productivity and boost profitability.


SimulPlast s.r.o. – one of the Moldex3D accredited distributors with extensive experience in injection technology and mould design principles.SimulPlast offers their customers (users) Moldex3D technical support and training under supervision of well-experienced experts with more than 15-year- experience in injection mouldings and deep knowledge of plastics materials.SimulPlast offers the plastics processing industry services, component part optimisation through simulation and the analysis by means of CAE software Moldex3D too.Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Define and aim for new goals and projects with SimpaTec.
With competence, experience, ambition and the use of the latest software technologies, we mutually set new standards in the holistic development and optimization of processes, components and tools. Each and every complex question is met by scientific expertise. Due to our market position and international presence, we are always informed about the latest results of research and development trends.
No matter if you are working on design issues with CAD, dealing with process optimization or performing crash test analysis with implicit and explicit CAE applications, you will be supported by highly skilled and trained professionals on our sites worldwide.
Your project is our project.
Break your limits. Challenge us.

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