Why Conformal Cooling?

Conformal cooling is a special cooling channel design. The cooling channel layout can be very flexible and complex. The major benefits we can gain from this technology are cycle time reduction (up to 20 ~ 60%), dimensional accuracy and sink mark improvement, etc. It is defined as the ability to create cooling / heating configurations within a tool that essentially follows the contour of the tool surface or deviates from that contour as thin / thick sections of the part may dictate for optimal thermal management. In order to remove heat from areas where traditional tooling method can’t reach in complex geometry products. In summary, to increase cooling efficiency, reduce cycle time and cost then have better product quality are the main reasons that we need conformal cooling system for assistance.


  • How to reduce the common problems in polymer molding, including sink mark, warpage and long cycle time
  • Optimization of cooling channel system design to minimize the mold temperature difference and warpage
  • Cooling efficiency improvement (help user to meet product quality requirement)

 What Can Moldex3D Do? 

  • Predicts required coolant flow rate to fit production cycle time
  • Predicts possible pressure loss in your cooling channel design
  • Prevents vortex/dead water area in your cooling channel design
  • Simulates baffle/bubbler designs in a true 3D approach

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