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Why Become a Partner of Moldex3D?

The demand for high quality simulations increases as more and more companies start to see the value in investing in a computer-aided engineering tool. Moldex3D has been adopted by vari-ous industry leaders around the world; Molex, Unilever, LEGO, Samsung, PANASONIC … just to name a few. The complete reference list is available upon request. Their successful experience with our products proves the quality and power of Moldex3D. The constant cooperation with our customers gives us the resource to reform and improve unceasingly. Moldex3D believes that our top-notch products can assist you help your customers.


Become Moldex3D Partners


Moldex3D offers complementary and integrated application solutions which lead to higher productivity. Our simulation product suite encompasses a broad range of simulation methods including:

  • eDesign
    verification and optimization tool for plastic part and mold designers
  • Professional
    verification and optimization tool for plastic part and mold designers with an efficient
  • Advanced
    verification and optimization tool for plastic part and mold designers with a flexible extension for advanced process simulation
  • Solution Add-on
    Series of add-ons for specific process simulation

Benefits and Resources

Being part of our Moldex3D global network allows you to discover new business opportunities. The partnership is aimed to open more support channels for potential Moldex3D users. We will provide necessary trainings to get you started and you will receive continuous support from our professionals at our local offices. Through the cooperation we hope to grow yours and our businesses. Moldex3D will be thrilled to have you on board as part of our team and share with you our technology, vision, and of course, profit!

  • Powerful yet affordable software
  • Diverse Communication platforms through Webex, email and reseller zone.
  • Value-added service and support. We solve the most challenging engineering problems for our global sales network as well as customers around the world.
  • Pioneering development and long track record of engineering consultancy serving industries including automotives, electronics, biomedical, home products and so forth.


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