Industry Challenges

The applications of plastics have extended far beyond daily products. They range from personal care, household goods, food and beverage packaging, toys, sporting equipment to electrical components and panels. In other words, plastics are ubiquitous in our daily lives and play a vital role in consumer products industry. However, consumer products manufacturers will have to ensure their success by making a quick response to constant challenges such as mass production, product quality variation, material savings and time-to-market.

Moldex3D Solutions and Benefits

Utilizing CAE technology for plastic injection molding has become an inevitable trend in development process. Moldex3D Solution is capable of shortening product design cycle and saving production cost based on the fidelity and robustness of 3D numerical solutions. With Moldex3D, industry designers or manufacturers are able to detect potential problems in early design stages. Furthermore, Moldex3D simulation tools also offer various methods to reduce product variation and optimize processes. The visualization of the full injection molding process gives users the insights on products and the ability of design validation. The accurate simulation brings the benefits of economic development, competitive products, and comprehensive product life cycle management.

Moldex3D Solves Tough Problems

Multi-component Products

  • Challenges
  • Solutions
    • Heat transfer and material compatibility are critical issues for multi-component molded products such as razors or tooth brush handles due to the differences in materials’ thermal properties.
    • Dimensional stability including warpage control is the challenge of various new applications for consumer products such as personal dental care.
    • Using Moldex3D Flow/Pack/Cool/Warp/MCM to analyze the root cause of shrinkage and warpage, and then further to provide insights on part and mold design and process optimization.

Packing of Personal Hygiene Products

  • Challenges
  • Solutions
    • For mass production of products like packaging of personal hygiene, while companies try to shorten the cycle time, Warpage becomes the problem caused by insufficient cooling.
    • In addition to dimensional stability, energy and material costs also play a critical role in product decision making.
    • Using Moldex3D Flow/Pack/Cool/Warp to analyze the root cause of shrinkage and warpage, get insights on product and mold design, and achieve process optimization.


  • Challenges
  • Solutions
    • Toys such as LEGO products require highly precise dimensional control, which complicates the mold design and makes it difficult to develop products solely based on experience.
    • The mechanical strength and product durability and also required in such production.
    • Using Moldex3D Flow/Pack/Cool/Warp to get insights of products, find out the root cause of warpage, and further to achieve process optimization.

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