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Moldex3D Book Series

An Essential Book for Learning Molding Simulation


With decades of experience in CAE plastic injection molding simulation, Moldex3D knows how important education and knowledge are to get the most out of simulation software.  As the leading provider of plastics simulation solutions, Moldex3D not only offers virtual molding capabilities to help plastics professionals predict and solve real-world molding problems, but also aims to prepare professionals and academics from all areas of the plastics industry with knowledge and skills needed to succeed in today’s competitive manufacturing environment.


The Beginner’s Guide to Molding Simulation

The first book of Moldex3D book series, “Molding Simulation: Theory and Practice” (ISBN 9781569906194), is published by the prestigious plastics processing and professional publisher-Hanser Publications. This book explores a wide range of molding processes and plastic melt flowing behaviors in an easy-to-understand way. The book also illustrates many real-world case studies of using CAE software to optimize part/mold designs and various molding technologies, including co-/bi-injection molding, gas-/water-assisted injection molding, foam injection molding, powder injection molding, resin transfer molding, and integrated circuit (IC) packaging. This book will be beneficial to any industry professionals or academic members interested in learning molding simulation and expanding their knowledge of plastic injection molding.





  • Title: Molding Simulation: Theory and Practice
  • Editors: Maw-Ling Wang, Rong-Yeu Chang, and Chia-Hsiang (David) Hsu
  • Publisher: Hanser Publications
  • Details: Hard cover / Full color / 532 pages / 1159 gram
  • List Price: USD $179.99
  • Special Offer: USD $129 each; USD $119 each starting second unit (shipping included)





Ch1 Overview of Plastics Molding
Ch2 Material Properties of Plastics
Ch3 Part and Mold Design
Ch4 Process Conditions
Ch5 Molding Simulation Methodology

Chapters 1–5 introduce the fundamentals of injection molding, focusing the factors governing molding quality and how molding simulation methodology is developed. As they are essential to molding quality, the rheological, thermodynamic, thermal, mechanical, kinetic properties of plastics are fully elaborated in this part, as well as curing kinetics for thermoset plastics.

Ch6 Flow Consideration versus Part Features
Ch7 Runner and Gate Design
Ch8 Cooling Optimization
Ch9 Warpage Control
Ch10 Fiber Orientation Control
Ch11 Hot Runner Optimization

Chapters 6–11 introduce CAE verification of design, a valuable tool for both part and mold designers toward avoiding molding problems in the design stage and to solve issues encountered in injection molding. This part covers design guidelines of part, gating, runner, and cooling channel systems. Temperature control in hot runner systems, prediction and control of warpage, and fiber orientation are also discussed.

Ch12 Co-/Bi-Injection Molding
Ch13 Gas-/Water-Assisted Injection Molding
Ch14 Foam Injection Molding
Ch15 Powder Injection Molding
Ch16 Resin Transfer Molding
Ch17 Integrated Circuit Packaging

Chapters 12–17 introduce research and development in innovative molding, illustrating how CAE is applied to advanced molding techniques, including co-/bi-Injection molding, gas-/water-assisted injection molding, foam injection molding, powder injection molding, resin transfer molding, and integrated circuit packaging.


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