Moldex3D iSLM

Whole New Management Platform for Plastic Injection



What is iSLM?

iSLM is an intelligent and interactive data management platform designed for plastic engineering companies. The items of data management include model feature size, gate size, gate type, cooling system design, mold tryout parameters, CAE simulation results etc. Users can simply centralize the important and valuable data in the iSLM platform throughout the entire product development lifecycle.




What Moldex3D iSLM Can Help?

Task Management

  • Organizes and records all the tasks in the mold design and development process
  • Its Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) breaks bigger projects into smaller segments
  • Its calendar effectively organizes each member and team’s work schedule
  • Visualizes workflow, making it easier to track each task

Solution Management

  • Only a click away to upload Moldex3D projects
  • Complete records of Design for Manufacturing(DFM) requirements and review meeting minutes
  • Share information with the right people by assigning different data access levels
  • Monitor product development results by using Quality Dash Board

Mold Tryout Management

  • Moldex3D optimized process condition is provided to assist on-site tooling operations
  • Capture on-site molding conditions by using camera with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to automatically identify images and numbers
  • On-site records can be exported directly using customized reports
  • Generate reports comparing on-site trial data and CAE simulation result

Knowledge Management

  • Collect and record various mold designs to carry out Big data analysis
  • Quick access to previous cases for new design ideas
  • Identify key design and manufacturing factors by comparing similar data

Security Management

  • Operated on a private cloud platform to ensure data security
  • Centralized data storage for easier IT management and file backup
  • Data access can be set by project units, which can be further used for suppliers’ management
  • Independent authority setting of user account, convenient for team member management

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