Cooling greatly influences the solidification of melt in plastic molding, which affect potential deformation occurred during the mold ejection and occupy 70%-80% of the entire molding cycle time. A well-designed cooling system will shorten the molding time and enhance production; an improper one will cause warpage, non-uniform shrinkage, displacement, etc.

Moldex3D Cool, based on true 3D technology, is an efficient tool which can precisely analyze the mold temperature, the efficiency of cooling channel and estimate the cooling time. Moldex3D Cool provides the troubleshooting tools to detect possible mold cooling system defects, such as unbalanced cooling, hot spots, prolonged cooling time due to poor cooling efficiency. With Moldex3D true 3D technology, users can further optimize the cooling system design for better product quality and reduce cycle time.


  • Predict temperature within part, inserts, mold, runner, cooling channels, heating rod, etc. Evaluate the efficiency of cooling and heating system design
  • Transient Mold cooling or heating analysis can exam temperature response time for variotherm and Rapid Heat Cycle Molding(RHCM) process
  • Mesh-Free eDesign Fast Cool module is an easy and fast cooling analysis solution to quickly validate mold cooling system designs
  • Advanced Hot Runner module can build and simulate complex hot runner system for design validation.
  • Fast build various cooling channel and manifold. For conformal cooling channels, Cooling channel designer can automatically build it based on geometry of part.
  • 3D Coolant CFD can applies 3D solid cooling analysis with turbulence modeling and temperature distribution to capture more realistic and complicated cooling effect.
  • Support the mold temperature controller setting for more realistic cooling channel pressure and flow rate to achieve more precise cooling analysis.
  • Support Mold Preheat simulation to help reduce invalid try run.
  • Support Part ejecting simulation to evaluate the warpage effect of ejection time to small part.
  • Support Coupled Flow-Pack analysis module for high accuracy result.


Part cooling analysis

Part Cooling Analysis

  • Calculate 3D temperature distribution within part, runner and part insert
  • Determine frozen areas
  • Calculate heat transfer rate and heat load
  • Estimate required cooling time
Moldbase cooling analysis

Moldbase Cooling Analysis

  • Calculate solid temperature distribution within mold base, insert and cooling circuit
  • Calculate the cooling circuit efficiency
  • Evaluate part insert effects (Moldex3D MCM module is required)
  • Evaluate mold insert of different materials, such as beryllium copper
  • Evaluate heating rod effects  

Cooling Channel Analysis

  • Calculate coolant temperature along each cooling channel
  • Calculate the pressure drop of each cooling channel
  • Analyze the Reynolds number along each cooling channel
  • Support Conventional / Conformal Cooling and 3D Coolant CFD
  • Support the establishment and simulation of manifold and mold temperature controller setting

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