Why 3D coolant CFD Simulation?

In the past few decades, several novel injection molding techniques have been developed in pursuit of better quality and cost savings. Cooling is the most dominant stage in injection molding in terms of quality and cycle time. Therefore, how to design an efficient cooling system is always critical. Among various cooling solutions, conformal cooling has gained importance due to proven success in cost and cooling time reduction.

What Can Moldex3D Do?

  • Accurately predict the cooling efficiency with vary and conformal cooling channel design.
  • 3D-Visualize the physical properties inner cooling channels.
  • Reduce cycle time and saving cost.
  • Predict temperature within part, runner, cooling channels, inserts, etc.
  • Evaluate the efficiency of cooling system design, including cooling circuits, inserts, mold base, heating rod, etc
  • Minimize unbalanced cooling problem, and determine the required cooling cycle time
  • Optimize mold cooling system design to achieve optimum cooling efficiency with the minimum cycle time
  • Simulate multi-component molding process, including insert molding and multi-shot sequential molding(Moldex3D MCM module is required)

With Moldex3D’s latest technology in predicting flow behavior inside cooling channels, designers and molders can utilize additional results such as streamlines and velocity vectors to optimize their designs. Figure 1 shows the velocity vectors inside a twin-spiral cooling channel and Figure 2 shows the streamlines inside a baffle cooling system. All results are three-dimensional providing the best reliable information.

3D Coolant CFD001
Figure 1. Velocity vector inside a twin-spiral cooling channel
3D Coolant CFD002
Figure 2. Stream lines inside a baffle cooling channel

 Applicable Industries

  • Electronics
  • Optical
  • Automotive
  • Plastic Materials
  • Machinery & Equipment
  • Aerospace, Medical
  • Consumer Product

Applicable Moldex3D Package

  • Moldex3D eDesign package
  • Moldex3D Professional package
  • Moldex3D Advanced package

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