Why Advanced Hot Runner Simulation?

Hot runner solutions have been utilized in various plastic injection molded products, such as bumpers, automotive instrument panels and LCD/TV panels. Hot runner molds bring advantages including material and energy cost savings and shorter cycle times, for the runners that are eliminated in the process. However, the applications of hot runner systems are comparatively more complex and commonly face the challenge of elaborate temperature control and the risk of thermal degradation of plastic materials. Moldex3D AHR provides simulation tools for designers and engineers to obtain mechanism and critical information in hot runner molding. Users are able to investigate the processes and detect potential defects, and further achieve design optimization. Moldex3D helps companies to develop products with high quality and low costs and win in a globally competitive market.

Advanced Hot Runner


  • The hot runner system is very complicated. How to design/optimize?
  • The mechanism behind hot runner in injection molding is still not clear. How to investigate?
  • Material issue. How material type is related to hot runner design?
  • Process condition issue. How to increase process window?
  • Product quality issue. How hot runner design affects product quality?

What Can Moldex3D Do?

  • Visualize temperature distribution over time in hot runners and moldbase system
  • Validate hot runner system and sub-components, including heating coils, manifolds, and hot nozzles
  • Evaluate temperature control and process conditions, such as injection pressure or clamping force
    • Improve product quality and observe potential defects, including welding lines, shrinkage, warpage, etc.
Advanced Hot Runner002
Temperature profile of hot runner system and moldbase
  • Investigate the viscous heating phenomenon inside of hot runner channels
  • Estimate pressure loss in different segments of hot runner system

Advanced Hot Runner 6

Hot runner Temperature and Pressure

Applicable Industries

  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Consumer Product

Applicable Moldex3D Package

  • Moldex3D eDesign Package
  • Moldex3D Professional Package
  • Moldex3D Advanced Package

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