Using Moldex3D Pack, even for thick parts or parts with big thickness changes, you can also investigate all factors in packing process from material choices, gate designs, and processing conditions. With true 3D technology, it can help you to preciously predict gate freeze time, efficient packing time and proper packing pressure to minimize areas of high volumetric shrinkage for an optimized product quality.


  • Predict gate freeze time
  • Predict the requirement of clamping force in packing stage
  • Optimize process conditions in packing stage, such as packing time, packing pressure, VP switch, etc
  • Predict areas of high volumetric shrinkage


Effective Packing Effect Evaluation

  • Gate freeze time prediction
  • Melting core display at different time steps
  • Gate flow rate X-Y history curve plot

Potential Sink Mark or Void Prediction

  • Volumetric shrinkage prediction
  • Frozen layer ratio calculation
  • Sink mark indicator and displacement results are provided

Clamping Force Requirement Estimation

  • Max clamping force during packing stage
  • Cavity pressure distribution display
  • Clamping force X-Y history curve plot

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