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Project Name: The Critical 0.088 Seconds

Company: Diptronics Manufacturing Inc.
By Ming-Yao Wang, Cheng-Hsien Hsiao, Yao-Ping Hsieh, Zheng-Yi Liao, Pei-Rong Wu



The T3C light touch components are one of the most manufactured electronic switches in Diptronics. The main purpose of electronic switches is to trigger the switch to turn on the circuit breaker and conductivity is the most important key to switch products. However, the issues encountered in the manufacturing process of this product, including air trap, weld line, and short shot, which cause poor conductivity of the product.
The Diptronics team used Moldex3D to analyze and design an alternative solution for the flow balance of the filling products and shorter the molding cycle. The appearance issues such as air trap, weld line, and short shot are also improved and molding analysis is applied to enhance the yield rate of products and reduce cost.



  • Improve flaws such as air trap, weld line, short shot, etc.
  • Improve the imbalance runner design
  • Shorten the cycle time


The DIPTRONICS team used Moldex3D to analyze and change the position and direction of the runner to balance the flow of the filling as well as reduce the residual stress and shorten the molding cycle. The overflow area was then increased and the product appearance was modified to improve the appearance flaws such as air trap, weld line, and short shot. The application of Moldex3D has enhanced the yield rate to 39.68% and the production cycle has reduced by 16%.


  • Effectively control the position of the weld line
  • Flow balance
  • Reduce plastic melt in the runner to save material
  • Shorten the molding cycle

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Thanks to Moldex3D for hosting this meaningful global molding contest. Through the virtuous competition among the competitors, they can share their case study with others and drive the industry forward. We would also like to thank ACMT Molding innovation technology Co., Ltd for assistance and provision of many valuable opinions and information so that the DIPTRONICS team can grow through the learning process and win the top award in the competition.

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