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Project Name: The Wider and More Popular Application of 3D Direct Metal Laser Sintering in The Mold Industry

Company: Grand Dynasty Industrial Co., Ltd.
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By Lawrence Lin, Vincent Huang, Allen Lee



Most of the cooling channels made of conventional molds adopt the drilling approach and use the baffle/bubbler or spiral type in the deeper portion; however, it is difficult to be placed due to the complex structure of the product. If the hot spot is larger, the required cooling time needs to be extended and the overly large temperature difference between the core and cavity can easily cause the product warpage. The Grand Dynasty team used Moldex3D to successfully solve the warpage issue of the power inspection base product by running a simulation of the conformal cooling channel mold before manufacturing and the molding cycle was reduced to seek for a fine design. In this study case, the warpage was improved by 49%, and the production efficiency was enhanced by 25%.


  • The assembly part is not easy to be assembled due to interference
  • Improve the warpage issue of the product so that mass production can be achieved



Through the Moldex3D cooling analysis, the problem of uneven temperature distribution between the core and cavity molds can be controlled. The 47°C temperature difference between the core and cavity molds of Part B caused the partial area of Part B to be concave, which resulted in the interference and looseness issue when assembling with part A and part C. Based on the conformal cooling channel technology. Modify the channel configuration to reduce the temperature difference between the core and cavity molds and improve the warpage at the same time, to propose a suitable design for the 3D direct metal laser sintering for mold manufacturing. At last, the warpage is improved by 49% and the molding cycle is reduced by 25%.


  • Effectively control the product size and improve the gap and looseness issue of assembled products
  • Reduce the cooling time by 25% and enhance the production capacity by 1/4
  • Improve the warpage of the product by 30-40%

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The 3D direct metal laser sintering should be more widely applied on molds to solve many plastic molding problems more easily

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