on 10/26/2020





Project Name: 3D Printing Enabled Smart Molding Solutions

Company: Objectify Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
By Ankit Sahu, Ravi Kumar



Customer data for the cycle time reduction and part quality was required. Objectify Technologies Pvt. Ltd. proposed conformal cooling as one of the solution for the same. The cooling line redesign was performed. Simulation for existing and conformal were carried on Moldex3D package. After the discussion with the customer, the decision to replace the inserts from conventional to conformal cooled made by using DMLS technology. Same was provided to the customer to run on their respective injection mold. The results obtained from Moldex3D software matched with the live running tool.


  • Reducing cooling time
  • Reducing warpage within the gap and flush tolerance for part assembly



Design a new conformal cooling design to improve cooling efficiency. The new conformal cooling design effectively optimize the cooling time required to achieve the target temperature in a short amount of time.


  • Cooling time reduce about 65%
  • Warpage reduce about 25%
  • Overall productivity enhanced about 50%

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