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Project Name: Using Moldex3D To Solve Void Issues And Optimize Encapsulation Process

Company: STMicroelectronics
By Marco Rovitto



STMicroelectronics engineers minimize the risk of incomplete resin filling by employing Moldex3D IC Packaging solution. First, the software allows to reproduce void formation caused by unbalanced flow behavior. Then, Moldex3D simulation is applied to optimized package design to reduce the risk of issues. As a result, geometric variations show a significant effect on filling front progression avoiding the generation of structural defects during molding process. Virtual failure anticipation with Moldex3D is successful and results are transferred to package prototyping for new product integration.


  • Improving the unbalanced flow behavior
  • Reducing the weld lines and voids


STMicroelectronics designers estimate a reduction of unbalanced resin flow between the top and the bottom of the cavity by decreasing the die pad size of the standard configuration. Since lead frame die pad has been identified as critical location, the optimization of its design shows significant benefits in terms of filling behavior. In fact, this approach reduces the presence of critical weld lines in the product. Therefore, this solution solves voids issues acting first on design rather than experimental prototyping which requires time and money.


  • Finding location with higher probability of critical weld line
  • Reduced weld line meeting angle and subsequent probability of void formation


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I am very glad to win the Special Prize in the 2020 Moldex3D Global Innovation Talent Award! This celebrates a long experience with Moldex3D and all the efforts spent during these years.

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