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Project Name: Application Moldex3D to Hot Runner Design and Improve Injection Molding Efficiency

Company: Sunonwealth Electric Machine Industry Co.Ltd.
By Gary Lin


Sunonwealth Electric Machine introduced the Moldex3D Advanced Hot Runner module to deeply study the temperature variation in the hot runner and understand the detailed factors in the hot runner that affect the molding efficiency. Moreover, we improved and optimized the hot runner.

The existing standard hot runner appears to tend to insufficient temperature and the cold plastic part causing flow turbulence, which have affected the injection and resulted in instability. We then modified the runner size for the low-temperature issue and changed the design of coils to improve the cold material situation in the hot runner and enhance the stability and efficiency of product production.


  • Improve the issue of excessive pressure loss in the system
  • Improve production efficiency



In the beginning stage of filling of the original design, the part temperature in the hot runner has appeared to tend to low temperature. When a plastic part with a lower temperature passes through the flow gate, it will affect the injection and even cause a blockage. With the optimized designed, the runner size of the hot runner and design of coils were changed and the injection stability was high and the loss in pressure was low through practical verification, which proved that the modified design can effectively improve the issue of temperature drop in the hot runner and enhance the stability to improve the overall molding efficiency.


  • Improve the issue of excessive pressure loss in the system
  • Find out the location of cold area and conduct optimization in accordance with the design change
  • Reduce the actual processing and testing costs
  • Achieve the optimal result with a minimal design change
  • Enhance the injection stability

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We appreciate the recognition from Moldex3D. The amazing simulation technology with multi-function and multi-direction enables users to switch between different fields and conduct correct analysis and output.Lastly, we would like to thank Sunonwealth for facilitating the growth and development of the CAE department which is an important factor for us to win the award.

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