on 10/19/2018

Moldex3D Technology Conference (MTC) 2018 – Spotlight


MTC 2018 Special Contribution Award


Integrative Simulation of Thermally Conductive Plastics via Ultrasim, Andreas Wonisch   Thermoset Process Simulation at BOSCH, Balázs Solymossy
Moving Pin Simulation and Tool Deflection, Nicola Pavan   Application of the Warpage Analysis to Optimize Shrinkage and Deformation in a Large Component in PA66 GF30, Carlo Grassini
  1. Case Studies and Best Practices for Plastic Injection Molding from Pre- to Post- Processing Using ANSA & META
  2. Unleashing the full Potential of ANSA Meshing Capabilities for RTM Analysis, Panagiotis Fotopoulos
  Challenges of Simulation of Thermosetting Molding Compounds, Ingo Schwarz
Process Numerical Simulation to Serve Antivibratory Composite Part (DYNAFIB), Patrick DEWAILLY   Bridging the Gap Between Product Development and Manufacturing through Training and Instrumentation, Kenny Lu
The Advantages of Aluminum Tooling in Series Production Injection Moulding, Peter Glover   Power Lies in the Water Fluid-Assisted Injection Molding and Its Simulation: the Combination for Improved Efficiency, Cristoph Hinse
Simulation of Demolding Issues, Full automatic Flow Simulation and Online Measurement of Viscosity Data, Brian Keith Sørensen and Patrick Guerrier   How to integrate Moldex3d DOE module on set up workflow, CARMEN de ulibarri Martinez
An Optimization Approach to Reduction of Warpage in Automotive Interior Parts, Przemyslaw Narowski   Challenges of Predicting Interfacial Adhesion in Overmolding Process, Kun GAO
Design and Analysis of Composite Oil Pan for Automotive Vehicle, Róbert Beleznai   Moldex3D R16 and Beyond, David Hsu


About MTC

Moldex3D Technology Conference (MTC) is the world’s leading conference for plastic manufacturing and engineering experts. It’s a forum where the latest development, technology and trends are presented and discussed.

As the top communication platform, MTC focuses on the real issues that drive the day to day lives of plastic technology professionals, providing the attendees access to valuable insider knowledge and establish useful contacts in the plastics industry


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