on 10/19/2018

Panagiotis Fotopoulos, BETA CAE Systems

1.Case Studies and Best Practices for Plastic Injection Molding from Pre- to Post- Processing Using ANSA & META. 
2.Unleashing the full Potential of ANSA Meshing Capabilities for RTM Analysis


  • The demand to increase the quality of new products and minimize their cost renders collaboration within the CAE community more than necessary.  Elevated requirements pose great challenges to deliver CAE solutions that will boost productivity and reduce the simulation turnaround time.  The cooperation of various software vendors is then a great solution.
  • A laudable cooperation of ANSA and META with Moldex3D has effectively proved that the pre- and post- processing can be expanded, while the software products are harmonically linked. Starting from a PDM system or simply a CAD-to-ANSA translation, the geometry can be checked and fixed automatically and manually.




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