on 10/19/2018

Przemyslaw Narowski, Dr. Schneider

An Optimization Approach to Reduction of Warpage in Automotive Interior Parts


  • Nowadays mass reduction is one of the most important aims in car development, and replacing metals with plastics is one way of achieving it. Apart from obvious advantages, some other aspects are being brought to the light. Namely, dimensional accuracy of newly designed parts has reached the feasibility limits for polymeric materials. Passing that limits requires introduction of optimization techniques.
  • The presentation shows few optimization examples of automotive parts produced at Dr. Schneider. Warpage described in maximum values in specific directions or as a deformed distance between nodes is the main criterion for the optimization. Injection molding process, and part geometry are going to be optimized. The cases clearly show how bridging the gap between CAE tools like Moldex3D and AI or statistical software can benefit to product development process.



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