on 10/19/2018

Andreas Wonisch, BASF

Integrative Simulation of Thermally Conductive Plastics via Ultrasim


  In the Simulation Engineering group at BASF SE, Ludwigshafen, Germany, the mechanical simulation of anisotropic plastics has been employed in customers’ projects for many years. Ultrasim® has become an indispensable aid for the successful handling of projects. It is based on an integrative simulation approach, taking into account the manufacturing process of fiber reinforced plastics parts by injection molding through simulations.  Recently this approach has been also extended to the thermal simulation of highly conductive polyamides. By predicting the orientation of the filler particles within Moldex3D a subsequent anisotropic simulation of the heat flow is conducted, allowing reliable predictions of the thermal behavior of complex shaped customer parts. This talk shows how the filler orientation can be simulated with Moldex3D, how it affects the thermal behavior and how the results can be applied to optimized thermal management.



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