on 10/19/2018

Brian Keith Sørensen, Patrick Guerrier, LEGO

Simulation of Demolding Issues, Full automatic Flow Simulation and Online Measurement of Viscosity Data


  LEGO has over 1500 simulations per year with very similar settings, and for each cases, CAE engineers need to ensure the simulation standards and reduced the risk of human errors, therefore, LEGO decided to build the “fully automatic flow” system via Moldex3D API commands so all the part designers in LEGO can launch Moldex3D flow simulations with consistent standards to check their designs immediately, this smart system can dramatically reduce time usages, repeated mouse clicks, repetitive work and let LEGO internal customers to receive Moldex3D result in the shortest time. LEGO also demonstrated 1 case integrated Moldex3D and MARC to compare the force of moving half mold vs. fixed half mold to keep part in moving half when the part is ejected. LEGO also shared their new research of capillary rheometer mold, and it makes them faster to screen new materials, and be able to run filling simulations early with new materials.



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