on 10/19/2018

Cristoph Hinse, SimpaTec

Power Lies in the Water Fluid-Assisted Injection Molding and Its Simulation: the Combination for Improved Efficiency


  The simulated cooling efficiency of water assisted injection molding (WAIM) is 70 % better than the gas assisted injection molding (GAIM) cooling efficiency. Those results overlap with general results known from different practical trials. Moldex3D simulation can be used to choose the suitable FAIM Process variation in terms of cooling efficiency, and predict the residual wall thickness (RWT) within the 3σ – Rule. Moldex3D offers the reliable platform to compare the WAIM and GAIM process and gives you decision-making aid to choose the suitable process for your part. Moldex3D also can save valuable time in the development phase, save expensive mold iteration and machine time and so reduce the time to market of the new product.



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