on 10/19/2018

CARMEN de ulibarri Martinez, Grupo Antolin

How to integrate Moldex3d DOE module on set up workflow


  • Grupo Antolin (GA) shared their experience of how to apply Moldex3D Design Of Experiments (DOE) in their part/mold design workflow, summarized as below: 1. State the practical problem. 2. State the factors and levels of interest. 3. Select the appropriate design and simple size based on the effect to be detected. 4. Create an experimental datasheet.
  • GA also evaluates other DOE platform, and firmly chooses Moldex3D DOE to perform design and process optimization, because it not only improves high performance and quality, but also reduce simulation cycle and manufacturing approach. GA showed a real case which was applied Moldex3D simulation and DOE to improve warpage of door trim, and Moldex3D DOE helped to reduce 50% warpage, successfully fit the product spec.



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