Why Moldex3D Digimat-RP?

Reinforced plastics have been widely applied in many industries as a major material to enhance the strength with small changes on weight. The biggest challenge for developers is to predict design quality with confidence of made of composite material because the fiber orientation induced in molding process has a great impact on mechanical properties. Moldex3D Digimat-RP is an easy, efficient yet high precision solution for reinforced plastics, helping users to correctly design their fiber reinforced plastic parts. Users can quickly get an accurate material model of reinforced plastics and apply to FEA model for structure analysis with a streamline workflow.



The easy-to-use interface integrates manufacturing process and mechanical behavior which offers users to shorten learning curve and quickly predict the design quality with accurate material model for fiber reinforced plastic parts.

What Can Moldex3D Do?

  • Offer an integrated solution for reinforced plastics
  • Bridge the gap between injection molding and nonlinear FEA of plastic parts
  • Provide an easy-to-use interface to shorten the learning curve
  • Build accurate material model for reinforced plastic
  • Support Elastic, Elastoplastic, Thermoelastic, Thermo-elastoplastics models
  • Support user-defined failure criteria of composite material
  • Offer more capabilities of structure analysis

Applicable Industries

  • Material suppliers
  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Consumer products

Applicable Moldex3D Package

  • Moldex3D eDesign package
  • Moldex3D Professional package
  • Moldex3D Advanced package



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