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As electric vehicles rise to prominence on the global stage, the plastics industry finds itself at the forefront of a transformative era. In contrast to conventional metal counterparts, plastics offer a superior ability to align with evolving industry dynamics. They excel in areas such as lightweight design, energy conservation, eco-consciousness, cost-effectiveness, adaptable design options, and stringent performance criteria.

Moldex3D 2024 stands as the beacon of future manufacturing, empowering businesses with its fundamental capabilities. Aligned with prevailing global shifts, it sets new standards of excellence within the industry.

Moldex3D 2024 Major Enhancements

Strengthening the temperature analysis efficiency in the compression molding module, now capable of accurately simulating the temperature variations during module movement, yielding more rational outcomes.

RTM module offers more intelligent wizard tools and post-processors, allowing direct configuration of Ply properties, groups, and material sets. Additionally, it supports complete RTM model preprocessing, enabling direct RTM modeling within Moldex3D Studio.

Pioneering Electronic Potting Process simulation features provide more realistic and detailed visualization of adhesive dispensing head paths and feed, utilizing comprehensive physical models to simulate surface tension-induced phenomena, thereby achieving a more refined electronic potting process.

The IC packaging simulation enhances wire bonding process simulation and nonlinear post-curing warpage analysis, aiding users in enhancing product quality and effectively preventing potential defects.

Introduction of the Dual Nakamura model for more precise crystallinity calculation, along with the ability to export warpage deformation results as STEP models, facilitating easier assessment of mold compensation adjustments.

More precise simulation of annular runner and enabling direct adjustment of ribs and product thickness. It also supports additional gate, runner, and mesh repair tools, simplifying the grid construction process.

Optimization of welding line calculation efficiency, with support for the bilinear isotropic hardening model to calculate seam strength. Additionally, enhanced shrinkage prediction efficiency in injection molding and foam molding processes.

Streamlining of Moldex3D result outputs, resulting in storage space savings of up to 5-10%. Furthermore, optimization of Studio display cores, supporting OpenGL4 for clearer screen presentation and smoother operation.

Moldex3D iSLM introduces data information organization and management capabilities related to IC packaging. It also supports carbon footprint calculation functions, providing a clearer understanding of the product's carbon emissions.

Through the innovative Moldiverse cloud platform, access to the MHC, iMolding Hub and University is facilitated, making it easier to obtain the latest information and service integration in the plastics industry, thereby realizing digital transformation.


As climate change escalates, many international environmental policies are pushing enterprises towards greener operations. Sustainable development has become the paramount goal across various industries today. Through Moldex3D 2024, during the design phase of new products, it is possible to verify renewable design concepts, identify potential design issues caused by material properties, and find optimized solutions, thus achieving four major advantages: low manufacturing costs, design flexibility, lightweighting, and increased safety.

Enhanced and Efficient Compression Molding Simulation

Every component comprising a battery system must meet crucial design and engineering requirements. The battery cover, acting as the frontline protection, needs to fulfill flame-retardant and heat-resistant criteria. The most commonly applied process for rapid production of complex material parts is compression molding.

Moldex3D’s compression molding module simulates the three-dimensional compression molding process, allowing users to observe the flow and deformation behavior of plastics during molding. It strengthens temperature analysis, simulates module movement, and obtains more reasonable mold temperatures, thereby enhancing the accuracy of warpage and mold temperature simulation.

Early Defect Diagnosis and Design Modifications

Plastic composite materials can meet high standards of strength and stiffness while effectively reducing weight. The resin transfer molding process is not only rapidly developing in the emerging market of electric vehicles but is also increasingly favored by manufacturers for common plastic products. However, fiber imbalance during resin infiltration often leads to flow irregularities. Through molding analysis, defects can be minimized to the greatest extent.

Moldex3D’s RTM module facilitates the assessment of suitable production conditions through filling and curing analysis. It provides more intelligent wizard tools and post-processors, allowing direct configuration of Ply properties, groups, and material sets. Additionally, it supports complete RTM model preprocessing, enabling direct RTM modeling within Moldex3D Studio, thereby assisting in early defect diagnosis and design modifications.

Creating Optimal Simulation Tools for Lightweighting

Lightweighting has become a pursuit in today’s industry. To ensure plastic components possess both the strength of steel and the lightweight properties, more and more automotive part designs opt for plastics instead of steel, incorporating fibers to achieve this goal. Optimizing plastic injection molding processes to meet high automotive standards has become a key strategy for electric vehicle manufacturers to maintain competitiveness.

Moldex3D 2024 continuously enhances molding analysis capabilities, providing the industry with more accurate predictive abilities. It improves the display settings for fibers, vectors, and particles in flow analysis, and allows customization of default filling flow rate segments and holding pressure, ensuring simulation results align closely with on-site requirements and significantly enhancing analysis accuracy.

IC Packaging and Intelligence

The application of IC chips is becoming increasingly widespread. Whether it’s electric vehicles, smart home appliances, or robots, various functionalities of IC chips are embedded, leading to a growing demand for IC chips. However, meeting the diverse application environments of IC packaging technology is not simple. Moldex3D 2024 introduces industry-leading electronic potting encapsulation processes and IC packaging solutions, effectively preventing potential defects. Through simulation optimization, it achieves optimized designs, eliminating problems and uncertainties.

Precision Electronic Potting Process Simulation

To ensure driving safety, electric vehicles are equipped with various sensors to provide drivers with the most accurate vehicle information and safety assurance. Automotive electronic systems need to withstand harsh environmental conditions at all times. To meet strict product standards, using molding analysis can quickly solve production defects and accelerate time to market.

Moldex3D introduces the industry’s first electronic potting process simulation feature, which reproduces a variety of process designs using convenient modeling tools and setting interfaces. It provides users with more realistic and detailed visualization of adhesive dispensing head paths and feed and utilizes a complete physical model to simulate surface tension-induced phenomena, achieving a more sophisticated electronic potting process.

Enhancing Possibilities for Advanced IC Packaging Processes

With the advent of the era of intelligence, various intelligent devices continue to emerge, and the demand from electric vehicles is booming. Automotive semiconductors have become a key breakthrough for the next generation. As the demand for ICs increases, companies need faster and lower-cost production processes to adapt to changes.

Moldex3D has world-class electronic packaging simulation capabilities, extending beyond basic flow, filling and curing process simulations to other advanced process evaluations. It now includes wire bonding process simulations and supports multi-module packaging functionalities in post-curing processes to help users improve product quality and effectively prevent potential defects. Through simulation optimization, it achieves optimized designs, reducing manufacturing costs and cycles.

Innovative Applications

Due to the continuous evolution of manufacturing processes, plastic materials have gradually become the new favorite in various fields. Not only are aesthetics important, but more critical components are also being made from plastics. These components must not only be aesthetically pleasing but also functional, lightweight, and safe.

The increasing number of innovative applications presents a unique challenge for plastic processing. With the enhanced computational capabilities and various features of Moldex3D 2024, you can identify the optimal production parameters during the simulation phase, thereby improving quality and accelerating output.

More Efficient Addressing of Warpage Issues

Facing challenges of shortened production cycles and reduced costs, the electric vehicle manufacturing industry is replacing most steel parts with plastic ones. However, a major issue with plastic part manufacturing is warpage caused by size and thickness variations, leading to assembly difficulties.

To enable users to perform dynamic warpage analysis on thick parts and parts with large thickness variations, Moldex3D 2024 introduces the Dual Nakamura model for more accurate crystallinity calculations. Additionally, it supports thermoset materials and allows the export of warpage deformation results as STEP models, enabling users to assess the extent of warpage and determine the necessary compensations for molds, effectively eliminating the impact of product deformation.

Faster Analysis of Large Molded Parts

Large, molded parts such as bumpers for electric cars possess lightweight and impact-resistant characteristics, making them crucial components that enhance both vehicle protection and aesthetics. In recent years, more manufacturers have opted for plastic as the primary material. However, bumper models are large, requiring suitable simulation analysis tools to perform mold flow analysis rapidly.

Moldex3D 2024 significantly enhances simulation performance, enabling more accurate simulation of annular runner, analysis of valve effects on flow, and direct adjustment of rib thickness and product thickness. It also supports more gate, runner, and mesh repair tools, streamlining the mesh construction process. With fewer grid numbers, precise analysis can be achieved more easily, allowing users to obtain optimal design solutions more quickly.

Reducing Surface Defects

Plastic has always been the most commonly used material for automotive interior and exterior components. In addition to meeting structural requirements, aesthetics pose an unavoidable challenge. To improve product quality, mold development and trial mold verification are undoubtedly critical for injection molding product development success.

Moldex3D 2024 continues to enhance the accuracy of mold flow analysis, optimize seam line calculation efficiency, and support bilinear isotropic hardening models to calculate seam strength. It also strengthens the prediction efficiency of shrinkage for injection molding and foam molding and enhances the dynamic state during exhaust simulation by incorporating the effect of trapped air, ensuring that various defects are identified at the design stage, reducing the significant time and cost associated with mold rework.

More User-Friendly Experience

Faced with rising product quality standards and competition speed, mold flow analysis has become a solution to assist designers in improving product and mold designs, achieving cost savings, increasing production efficiency, and controlling quality.

Moldex3D has always been committed to providing the highest quality mold flow analysis services, guaranteeing not only accurate analysis results but also continuously optimizing usability and user experience. Moldex3D 2024 introduces model comparison functionality, multiple group comparison reporting functions, and result display lists, allowing users to more effectively evaluate results. At the same time, we have streamlined Moldex3D’s result output, saving file storage space by up to 5-10%, while also optimizing the Studio display core, supporting OpenGL4, making the screen display clearer and actions smoother, providing a superior operating experience.

Workflow Automation Tools

Molding analysis software has greatly facilitated the development and manufacturing of plastic products. However, operating CAE software and interpreting simulation results require a certain level of technical expertise and human resources. In situations where technical expertise is limited, leveraging automation applications of CAE software to reduce time spent becomes even more crucial.

Moldex3D continuously opens up API functionality, allowing users to write their own APIs. This enables batch repetitive operations and time-consuming manual data collection and comparison to be delegated to automation tools, speeding up the completion of tasks. Through the integration of APIs, a standardized interface tailored to one’s own workflow can be created, allowing Moldex3D’s mold flow analysis technology to be accessible to every team member.

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Design, Management, and Collaboration

The post-pandemic era is a new and evolving one, characterized by changes in supply chain restructuring and production modes. Every industry practitioner is constantly seeking more efficient design and collaboration methods to enhance quality and speed to market. Moldex3D 2024 continues to enhance its support services in plastic molding, whether it’s plastic molding simulation, intelligent management tool iSLM, or intelligent molding cloud service Moldiverse, assisting users in overcoming design and management challenges.

Smart Data Management Platform - iSLM

The Moldex3D iSLM data management platform has always assisted users in efficient intelligent data management functions. Facing the operational models of enterprises, we have introduced the Personal Mode for individual use and the Server Mode for cross-team collaboration, providing more flexible usage modes.

iSLM also provides organizing IC-related data information and strengthening IC-related data information management capabilities. In the 3D View, more result items are displayed, and model comparison functionality is optimized to support more CAD files. The addition of the iSLM Collector tool assists CAE analysis teams in uploading and collaborating on projects more easily. In response to the latest carbon emission standards, iSLM also supports carbon emission calculation functionality, allowing users to better understand the carbon footprint of their products.

Moldex3D Smart Manufacturing Collaboration

Establishing effective mutual connections between mold flow analysis and actual injection molding has always been our goal. Now, Moldex3D has completed intelligent integration with world-class injection machine manufacturers ENGEL, FANUC, and Sumitomo, achieving data streaming of mold flow analysis and machine characteristics, enhancing Moldex3D’s simulation efficiency, reducing time spent on workflows, increasing accuracy, and simplifying collaboration across different departments, ensuring more accurate molding analysis and seamless integration between simulation and actual production.

Innovative Molding Cloud Platform – Moldiverse

In the plastic injection molding process, numerous key factors need to be considered. Plastic materials, injection molding machines, and the technical level of expertise all play crucial roles and affect the final production results. Using CAE mold flow analysis software to assist in verification and optimization of product design will be an indispensable step in the future of the plastic molding industry, allowing companies to detect and eliminate potential defects early, speeding up the production process.

Through the three services of the innovative molding cloud platform Moldiverse: MHC, iMolding Hub and University digital textbooks on plastic processing, users can easily access the latest information and service integration in the plastic industry. Not only does it provide high flexibility and convenience, but it also significantly reduces operating costs, making it the digital transformation solution needed by enterprises.

The Most Comprehensive Plastic Processing Knowledge Cloud - MHC

Material properties are one of the important factors affecting molding and final product quality. Through the simple and easy-to-use interface of the MHC Material Cloud, users can quickly evaluate and select various plastic materials, completing optimization work at the design end in no time.

In Moldex3D 2024, MHC brings more practical features, including the display of crystallization kinetic curves and optimization of the digital material file generator and material data fitting function, allowing material files to more accurately reflect real-world conditions, helping you address various challenges in plastic materials.

Smart Connection between Simulation and Production - iMolding Hub

Stepping into the new era of smart manufacturing, iMolding Hub allows users to establish machine data on Moldiverse, effectively monitoring production machine conditions using only smartphones and tablets.

Additionally, iMolding Hub has added trial mold guidance tools and unit conversion tools, making it easier to access and establish an in-house machine database, and apply it to mold flow analysis, producing optimized conditions closer to actual production conditions.

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