Moldex3D R13 Now Includes Mold Deformation Analysis and Provides a Valuable Reference for Mold Design

in Top Story on 10/14/2014

Moldex3D Designer BLM Generates High-quality Meshes for Complex Geometry Models with Ease

in Top Story on 09/14/2014

Moldex3D IC Packaging Integration for Cadence

in Top Story on 08/14/2014

CAE Assistance to Overcome some Challenges in Multi-component Molding (MCM) Product Development

in Top Story on 06/14/2014

Moldex3D Simulates Screw-induced Long Fiber Breakage during the Injection Molding Process

in Top Story on 05/13/2014

Moldex3D Expands Simulation Capabilities on Core-back Technology Combined with MuCell® Process Technology

in Top Story on 04/14/2014

Prevent Visual Defects through Simulating Flow with Moldex3D

in Top Story on 03/14/2014

Optimization Technology for Plastic Injection Molding through Design of Experiment (DOE) Method

in Top Story on 02/14/2014
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