Moldex3D Successfully Integrates Real Machine Interface to Facilitate Effective Communication between Simulation & Manufacturing

Due to the different interface set-ups between the mold-filling CAE software and the real-world injection molding machine, it posed a tricky challenge for CAE engineers to apply the parameter set-ups in CAE software to the actual UI set-ups in a real injection molding. Thus, this barrier might interfere with the effective communication between CAE engineers and machine operators. In addition, the dynamic response of an injection molding machine was not factored into the CAE simulation analysis, resulting in a discrepancy in simulation accuracy when comparing it with the actual molding. Thus, these two issues had been major challenges faced by many CAE engineers and machine operators in their daily work.

With the latest breakthrough technology in CAE simulation, Moldex3D has successfully bridged the communication gap between simulation and manufacturing.  Moldex3D “Process Wizard” supports the properties of widely used molding machines for use in the injection molding simulation. CAE engineers can now complete the parameter set-ups in their familiar CAE interface first for running a simulation project. After attaining the simulation result, they can switch it to a real machine interface with ease. Thus, machine operators can clearly view all of the setting information. Users can further check the differences between the two interfaces anytime with an easy switch. This technology enables different users to easily attain relevant information from their familiar operating interface and it has greatly facilitated effective communication among simulation and manufacturing.

In addition, Moldex3D also provides an operating page of the real molding machine in order to include the machine’s dynamic response in CAE simulation (Fig. 1). Users can import the flow rate and pressure response data of the machine into the CAE interface. With this feature, the dynamic response of an injection machine can be factored into the actual CAE analysis, bringing the simulation results one step closer to the reality.

moldex3d-successfully-integrates-real-machine-interface-to-facilitate-effective-communication-between-simulation-manufacturing-1Fig. 1  Moldex3D provides an operating page of the real molding machine for users to import filling velocity and pressure response of the machine

An application example of Moldex3D Process Wizard is further provided below. In this case, a two-cavity mold is used to manufacture the part (Fig. 2). First, enter the operating conditions in the CAE Machine-mode, and set up four different flow rates (Fig 3). After the computation analysis, compare the analysis results with the real machine response (Fig 4). In Fig 4, the upper graph shows flow rate vs. time; the lower graph shows flow rate vs. screw position. The two diagrams both show that the Moldex3D CAE Machine-mode results highly match with the real machine response.

moldex3d-successfully-integrates-real-machine-interface-to-facilitate-effective-communication-between-simulation-manufacturing-2Fig. 2  A two-cavity mold is used to manufacture the part
moldex3d-successfully-integrates-real-machine-interface-to-facilitate-effective-communication-between-simulation-manufacturing-3Fig. 3  Set up operating conditions in Moldex3D CAE Machine-mode interface
moldex3d-successfully-integrates-real-machine-interface-to-facilitate-effective-communication-between-simulation-manufacturing-4Fig. 4  The comparison between Moldex3D analysis results and the real machine response : the upper graph shows flow rate vs. time; the lower graph shows flow rate vs. screw position

In summary, Moldex3D is the only CAE software available in the market which has successfully incorporated widely applied injection molding machine interfaces into simulation and it provides an accurate prediction of the dynamic response of a real machine. Considering the dynamic response of an injection machine in CAE simulation not only helps users get a better understanding of a real molding scenario but also helps facilitate effective communication between simulation and manufacturing.  With a more accurate prediction, a great deal of time, human efforts, and material and energy consumption spent on part/mold reworks can be saved.

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