Create Customized Report Template in Moldex3D

Instead of spending a lot of time creating an injection molding simulation analysis report from scratch, you can easily and quickly create custom reports tailored specifically to your needs with the help of Moldex3D Report Wizard.

Moldex3D Report Wizard enables you to choose what analysis data to be included and decide exactly the way you want them to look, so you can generate a custom report with a consistent look and feel and actionable insights for your business.

With Report Wizard in Moldex3D Project, Report Template Setting provides customized report layout options for different visual setting instead of “one universal” style. A user-defined design for high-quality report can help to meet more requirements to satisfy each customer.

The Report Template Setting has several customized editing functions such as Output Format, Display Mode, View, Object Appearance, and Focus Capture Style to increase the report diversity. By saving the previous settings for re-using, users do not need to manually reset all items again for the next report generation. In addition, the Powerpoint Template functionality in the default provides five different types of cover versions and customized themes for user to choose and design. This video will show the step-by-step tips of how to use these functions.



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