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First Prize in EMEA Region: Dr. Schneider

Moldex3D – The New Quality in Design of Car Interiors in Dr. Schneider Automotive

Industry: Automotive
Team Leader: Przemysław Narowski
Company/Team Introduction:
Dr. Schneider Automotive Poland specializes in high quality automobile-related plastic products – from innovative ventilation systems to highly integrated interior covers and sophisticated modules for instrument panels and center consoles that are not only aesthetic but also functional.

Story Overview/Challenge:

Przemyslaw Narowski is a CAE Engineer at Dr. Schneider Automotive Poland. He took on an unconventional approach to tell us his unique #Moldex3DStory. He uses three different perspectives in time: the Past, the Present, and the Future to take us on the journey with him to witness, experience and envision the evolution of a CAE solution – Moldex3D in his company. He explains from how the true need for an injection molding process simulation emerged within his company and why Moldex3D was chosen, to how it is used in a feasibility study of a new designed part now, and to the extended use of Moldex3D’s other simulation solutions to broaden their technical capabilities and the future outlook for a streamlined engineering workflow from CAD, through CAE to CAM. Multiple real cases are shown in his story to illustrate the accuracy of Moldex3D’s results and the values of using it.


Moldex3D is chosen to assist the design and development of plastic products. It is used in the whole product development process from the part design stage, the initial assessment for part feasibility including choosing the gate location, the cycle time estimation, etc. and to the workshop floor for troubleshooting difficult production challenges such as warpage, air traps, and other molding errors. For instance, in the case of a fuel filler part, Dr. Schneider Automotive Poland was able to reduce the warpage amount by 40% with the help of Moldex3D’s analysis in order to ensure the molded parts meet the required standards. In addition, for car interior parts, aesthetics is also very important. Moldex3D successfully helped solve an air trap issue of a car interior part to avoid a visible surface defect.



  • Test new designs for part feasibility such as the ideal gate locations and the estimated cycle times
  • Solved difficult molding challenges such as warpage (by 40% in one case) and air traps
  • Inspire “Reverse Simulation” concept for the future product development direction

Product Used:

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