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We’re pleased to announce the winners of the 4th Global Innovation Talent Award under the theme of “Tell Us Your #Moldex3DStory.” This global competition recognizes Moldex3D customers that best demonstrate Moldex3D solutions’ values and offerings to the overall manufacturing process and outcome. Thank you all very much for your participation and congratulations to the winners again! We are looking forward to working with you to elevate our simulation capabilities to the next level in the future. Read the press release>>


Global Grand Prize

Foxlink Image Technology Co., Ltd.
Using Moldex3D in Designing Scanner Part Components

Andy Chen works in the Mold Engineering Department at Foxlink. Foxlink uses Moldex3D not only in analyzing manufacturability of a new design before the mold is built, but also uses it in finding viable solutions to solve molding issues of an existing mold…

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First Prize in EMEA

Dr. Schneider
Moldex3D – The New Quality in Design of Car Interiors in Dr. Schneider Automotive

Przemysław Narowski is a CAE Engineer at Dr. Schneider Automotive Poland. He took on an unconventional approach to tell us his unique #Moldex3DStory. He uses three different perspectives in time: the Past, the Present, and the Future to take us on the journey with him to witness…

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Second Prize in EMEA

University of KasselSimulation of High Pressure Foam Injection Molding with Local Core-back

Mike Tromm is a research associate at Thermoplastic Lightweight Construction Department in University of Kassel, Germany. He investigated the local core back operation to achieve higher expansion ratios for creating less dense part and to achieve a homogeneous foam…

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Third Prize in EMEA

Reinforcement of Plastic Boat Propeller with Carbon Fibre Tape     

Hampus Johansson works as an Application Development Engineer at Erteco. In this story, he was tasked to identify the cause and remove the problem of cracking in a marine propeller inner hub component, which was made from glass-fiber reinforced plastics. The cracks tended to occur while the blades were rotating upon…

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Special Prize in EMEA

Slovak University of Technology 
Application of Moldex3D in Reduction of Injection Moulded Part Warpage using Advanced Gas Assisted Injection Moulding 

Miroslav Košík is a Ph.D. candidate at SUT-MTF. In this case, he would like to perform an injection molding simulation analysis on an automotive rear view mirror component…

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First Prize in Americas

Stanley Black & Decker
Predicting Tooling Problems before Production 

William Lai is a DTV team leader at Stanley Black & Decker. His team conducted three projects with the help of Moldex3D to simulate and solve the potential tooling or structural issues. First, it was hard to know accurately where the weld line formed. From their historical testing, the part would crack near the screw boss if a weld line exists…

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Second Prize in Americas

Extreme Tool and Engineering
Moldex3D’s Role in Advanced Manufacturing at Extreme

Mike Zacharias is the owner and also the President of Extreme Tool and Engineering. The company started using Moldex3D in 2007. Before that, there were a lot of uncertainties surrounding the molding process, such as “What will the fill time be”…

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Third Prize in Americas

Stanley Engineered Fastening
Mold Flow Filling Study   

Naga V Subhash is a CAE Engineer with the Fastener Engineering Team at STANLEY Engineered Fastening. His team develops and designs plastic and metal fasteners. Typically, fastener designs are smaller in size and controlling manufacturing variation is simplified. But when larger and more…

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First Prize in Greater China

TYC Brother Industrial Co., Ltd.
CAE Simulation Helps to Eliminate Air Traps in Multi-shot Molded Automotive Light Covers

Multi-shot molding is widely used in manufacturing automotive lighting components. In this case, TYC was tasked with designing an automotive light cover using two-shot molding process. However, the race tracking effect due to variation in…

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Second Prize in Greater China

Use of Moldex3D to Solve Flow Marks in Watch Straps

Hardware Mechanical Engineering Team at TomTom and Hsuhta Enterprise had a challenge to solve a flow mark defect in their overmolding part. The first shot was injected using red color, while the second shot was injected using blue color. There were three part inserts for the whole model: buckle at one end, popper at the other end…
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Third Prize in Greater China

Zeng Hsing Industrial Co. Ltd.
Leading Sewing Machine Manufacturer Uses Moldex3D to Minimize Deformation

Zeng Hsing is the biggest household sewing machine manufacturer in the world. Their embroidery machine combines traditional crafts and electronic technology. It requires high part quality and accuracy to assemble the machine. One of the key components is embroidery frame that requires…

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Special Prize in Greater China

Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Moldex3D Helped Ensure the Bottle Cap Achieved Dimensional Accuracy

Hai-Chao Liu is a Ph.D. student in the Innovation Team of Advanced Polymer Processing at Beijing University of Chemical Technology. In this project, he would like to conduct a study to improve the dimensional accuracy of a plastic screw cap. If the thread dimension fails to meet…

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Special Prize in Greater China

Audix Corporation
Using Moldex3D to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Conformal Cooling in Resolving Sprue Cooling Problem

Shih-Tsun Huang is an Engineering Manager at Audix. The part used in this case is a light pipe product. Due to the inefficient cooling around the sprue area, the molded parts exhibited warpage and mold flash defects. As opposed to using…

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Special Prize in Greater China

GIZMO Plastics Tech. Co., Ltd.
Moldex3D Simulation Helps Reduce Warpage in an Outboard Fuel Filter Part  

Flatness for outboard fuel filter components is critical to preventing fuel/air leaks. In this case, the injection molded fuel filter, which consists of an upper and a lower cover, failed to pass the leak test due to excessive warpage…

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First Prize in APAC

Cooling Time Reduction for Thermostat Housing

High-Temperature Nylon (HTN) is used in the manufacture of automotive thermostat housings. However, the HTN material requires much higher mold and melt temperatures than typical plastics. In this case, KOPLA was faced with the challenges to reduce the cooling time to help…

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Second Prize in APAC

Berry Plastics
Berry Plastics Achieves Cost Savings through Injection Molding Simulation

Berry Plastics used to heavily rely on trial-and-error method to troubleshoot molding problems. However, most of the guesswork often result in multiple design iterations, costly mold rework, and longer cycle times. In order to take the guesswork out of the product development process, Berry Plastics decided to turn to Moldex3D…

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