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Special Prize in EMEA Region: Slovak University of Technology –Faculty of Materials Science and Technology

Application of Moldex3D in Reduction of Injection Moulded Part Warpage using Advanced Gas Assisted Injection Moulding

Industry: Educational/Academy
Team Leader: Miroslav Košík
Company/Team Introduction:
The Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava was established on 1 January 1986 by decree of the Czechoslovak Government. Faculty is focused on education of a university type graduate for industrial production, and mechanical engineering in particular. Now, about 5000 students study at the Faculty in various courses.


Story Overview/Challenge:

Miroslav Košík is a Ph.D. candidate at SUT-MTF. In this case, he would like to perform an injection molding simulation analysis on an automotive rear view mirror component, which requires stringent dimensional stability to ensure the success of assembly. The objective of the study is to identify the cause of warpage and verify the proposed solution of using Gas-assisted Injection Molding (GAIM) application to eliminate warpage.


To address the warpage problem, Miroslav first used Moldex3D to analyze the original part, which was designed with conventional injection molding. The simulation showed that there’s a large heat concentration in the center which resulted in the deformation. Since the conventional molding method couldn’t meet the tolerance requirements, Miroslav decided to test and implement GAIM technology with the help of Moldex3D. The cooling temperature simulation analysis indicated that the cooling temperature in the center region was reduced from 195°C to 120°C by applying GAIM method. Moreover, the warpage simulation result also showed that the GAIM design could effectively reduce warpage and meet the requirements for dimension stability.


  • Identified the root cause of warpage
  • Verified the effectiveness of GAIM application
  • Improved cooling efficiency by nearly 40%

Product Used:

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