on 09/29/2016



Second Prize in APAC Region: Berry Plastics

Berry Plastics Achieves Cost Savings through Injection Molding Simulation

Industry: Plastic Material
Team Leader: Kannan Ramakrishnan
Team Leader: Kiran D’Silva
Company/Team Introduction:
Berry Plastics Group, Inc. is a leading provider of value-added plastic consumer packaging and engineered materials delivering high-quality customized solutions to customers.

Story Overview/Challenge:

Berry Plastics used to heavily rely on trial-and-error method to troubleshoot molding problems. However, most of the guesswork often result in multiple design iterations, costly mold rework, and longer cycle times. In order to take the guesswork out of the product development process, Berry Plastics decided to turn to Moldex3D, the computer-aided engineering software for plastics injection molding. In the story, Kannan Ramakrishnan, the engineer at Berry Plastics, shared his user experience and a case study to highlight the benefits of Moldex3D.


Berry Plastics chose Moldex3D because it is easy to use and can deliver simulation results that are highly correlated to real-world results. By implementing Moldex3D simulation program in the earlier product development stages, Berry Plastics is able to streamline the development process and improve the communication between designers, tool makers, process engineers and even customers. Besides the software’s ease of use and accuracy, Kannna also used a case of pile pipes to demonstrate how Moldex3D can help companies gain cost-saving benefits by optimizing the process conditions- even a single parameter like filling time can result in significant cost saving.


  • Reduced costly mold rework and design iterations
  • Optimized process conditions to reduce costs
  • Streamlined product development process

Product Used:


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