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Special Prize in Greater China Region: Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Moldex3D Helped Ensure the Bottle Cap Achieved Dimensional Accuracy

Industry: Consumer Product Manufacturing
Team Leader: Hai-Chao Liu
Company/Team Introduction:
Founded in 1958 and formerly known as Beijing Institute of Chemical Technology, Beijing University of Chemical Technology has become a nationally recognized multidisciplinary university directly under the Ministry of Education.

Story Overview/Challenge:

Hai-Chao Liu is a Ph.D. student in the Innovation Team of Advanced Polymer Processing at Beijing University of Chemical Technology. In this project, he would like to conduct a study to improve the dimensional accuracy of a plastic screw cap. If the thread dimension fails to meet the required specifications, it is very likely to cause leakage and affect the quality and function of the product.


Relying on Moldex3D’s accurate numerical simulation capabilities, Hai-Chao was able to identify the key factors that influence the screw thread precision. Besides providing good meshing, Moldex3D allowed him to set several measure nodes at the thread for precision control. Furthermore, Moldex3D was used to optimize part design, runner system (layout/gate position and gate number), and process conditions (filling time, packing pressure, cooling time, melt temperature, and mold temperature) of this plastic screw cap. The optimized design could reduce the warpage and make the thread size more uniform which was correlated to more uniform filling temperature inside the part. Based on the shrinkage degree of the optimization result obtained from Moldex3D, he modified the mold pitch diameter of the screw thread. As a result, the experiment result showed that the screw thread could successfully meet the specifications and achieve a high level of dimensional accuracy.


  • Optimized part design, runner system, and process parameters
  • Reduced part shrinkage and warpage
  • Improved warpage uniformity
  • Achieved design specifications and precise dimensional accuracy

Product Used:

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