Why Expert Simulation?

Injection molding is a very complex procedure that combines part and mold designs, materials, and process conditions. Every change on each foregoing factor can be a great impact on the injection molded plastics. Due to the interaction complexity of multiple molding factors, a conventional trial-and-error method has become ineffective and costly to predict and control the procedure. Therefore, Moldex3D Expert has been developed to help designers evaluate the optimal process conditions and optimize the process design in using the DOE (Design of Experiment) method.

What Can Moldex3D Do?

  • Provide design and process optimization
  • Improve design performance and quality
  • Reduce cycle time and manufacturing cost
  • Enhance production quality and efficiency
  • Design optimization
    • Gate location
    • Runner size


Multiple gate locations


Filling optimization history

  • Process optimization
    • Molding temperature and time
    • Flow rate profile
    • Packing pressure profile
    • AutoProcess 


(a) Original result

Expert05 (b) Optimized result
Total displacement simulation
(Optimization for molding temperature and time)
  • Design of Experiment (DOE)
    • Support thermoplastic and thermoset materials
    • Support multiple quality factors for a DOE analysis using the weighting function
    • Evaluate the optimal process conditions for each quality factor


Applicable Industries

  • Electronics
  • Optical
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Consumer Product
  • IC Packaging

 Applicable Moldex3D Package

  • Moldex3D eDesign package
  • Moldex3D Professional package
  • Moldex3D Advanced package


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