Why Underfill Simulation?

Moldex3D Underfill supports users to simulate the capillary flow, which is induced by surface tension within underfill under flip chips during filling process and affected by underfill material and contact angle between IC components. Due to low thermal expansion coefficient of flip chip materials, deformation often occurs in a thermal cycle. The unexpected deformation will cause mechanical fatigue and lead to solder defects or breaking problems. Therefore, Underfill Molding has been developed to increase the quality and reliability of flip chip.


  • Calculates the surface tension force accurately
  • Tracks the stability of melt advancement

What Can Moldex3D Do?

  • Visualizes the filling pattern between die and substrate driven by the capillary flow
  • Visualizes the filling pattern of the dynamic dispensing process
  • Support multiple repetitive dispensing of the same epoxy
  • Support arc path dispensing
  • Intensify the surface tension and gravity balance in the overflow area
  • Analyzes dispensing parameters and consider constant contact angle

  • Evaluates the effects of bump pitch and bump pattern on flip chip underfill
  • Predicts void locations and prevent potential defects

  • Achieve process optimization and cost reduction

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