How to Consider Geometric Non-linearity with Moldex3D Solver in Wire Sweep Analysis

To predict the viscosity-induced wire deformation during chip encapsulation, Moldex3D IC Packaging Module adopts linear solver as default because the small deformation simulation is always fast and quick for preliminary Wire Sweep analysis. However, more common wire sweep is based on huge deformation, so the sweep result of linear analysis can be over-estimated. Moldex3D supports the option of Non-linear analysis to improve wire sweep prediction for more accurate results.

The wire sweep analysis also supports linking with ANSYS and ABAQUS solvers for non-linear consideration of both geometry and material property. For now, Moldex3D IC solver also considers the non-linear geometry in analysis, while it is still linear for wire materials. The stress solver capacity of wire analysis is shown below, and the following will show the workflow and performance of Wire Sweep analysis with Moldex3D solver.

Stress solver capacity of wire sweep analysis

Step-by-step to prepare the non-linear analysis setting in Moldex3D

Step1. In Computation Parameter of IC project, select Moldex3D for Stress solver under the Encapsulation tab.


Step2. Select Non-linear for the Geometry in the wire sweep analysis and click OK to finish the computation parameter setting of Encapsulation.

Step3. Launch the Analysis sequence setting after all analysis settings are finished, and make sure the Wire Sweep analysis continued from Filling analysis. Click Run now to perform the calculation.

Note: Wire Sweep analysis requires filling analysis to be completed first


Extended analysis and result interpretation

The validation result shows the distribution of Wire Sweep has good agreement between ANSYS and Moldex3D non-linear solvers, meaning, the wire sweep is mainly affected by geometric non-linearity. Furthermore, the Moldex3D solver spends much less CPU time for simulation, especially for large wire counts.


Model Wire Numbers CPU time of Moldex3D CPU time of ANSYS
1 21714 9185 242966
2 4491 5153 38606
3 1075 1054 1145
4 76 106 91
5 64 45 71
6 16 4 12


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