Why Post Mold Cure?

Post Mold Cure (PMC) is a significant process in IC Packaging industry. This process exposes part of a mold to elevated temperatures in order to speed up the curing process and to optimize some physical properties of the material. During the PMC processes, the molding compound would undergo polymerization, chemical and physical aging process. Currently, in Moldex3D post mold cure analysis, a constitutive model that consists of PVTC and temperature-cure-dependent viscoelastic relaxation model is implemented in a numerical finite-element model for the process simulation.


  • The final displacement of second warpage
  • How does the inherent stress, induced by CLTE difference between constituent materials and cure shrinkage effects, be effectively reduced?

What Can Moldex3D Do?

  • Predicts potential deformation problems
  • Simulates both the in-mold and post-mold curing effect during molding process
  • Considers both Cure-Induced Residual Stress and Thermal Residual Stress

Applicable Industries

IC Packaging

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