Delta Group Utilized Moldex3D to Improve the Deformation of a Cooling Fan Bracket

in Customer Success on 04/20/2016

Improving Part Warpage and Shortening Cycle Time Successfully with Moldex3D

in Customer Success on 11/20/2015

Global Navigation Leader TomTom Utilizes Moldex3D MCM Solution to Successfully Resolve Defects

in Customer Success on 02/21/2015

Leading Electronics Manufacturing Company Utilizes Moldex3D to Solve Product Surface Defect and Weld Line Issues

in Customer Success on 01/21/2015

Moldex3D to Dramatically Improve Yield Rates for Lite-On Technology’s Bearing Bush Part

in Customer Success on 05/21/2014

Leveraging the Seamless Integration of CAE and Structural Analysis, Moldex3D Helps Obtain Higher Production Yields

in Customer Success on 09/21/2013

Moldex3D 3D Gas-assisted Simulation Helps Lite-on Technology Enhance Dimensional Stability

in Customer Success on 06/21/2013

Craftsmanship Built on Flow Analysis Capability – the Way Alfanar Engineering Presents Soft Power

in Customer Success on 02/21/2013
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