Why Compression Molding Simulation?

Compression Molding is a process in which the molding polymer, called charge or compound, is squeezed into a preheated mold to form the shape of the mold cavity with heat and pressure until the charge has cured. The process is suitable for parts that require complex geometry, high strength and high impact resistance. There are four types supported, Compression Molding, Embedded Wafer Level Package, No Flow Underfill (NFU), and Non Conductive Paste (NCP), examined the molding behavior on stacked-die and substrate under the compression force effect. Its main benefits are high-volume production and low costs.


  • How to reduce the bonding height, warpage and die shift
  • High costs of Packaging and Testing
  • High filler content increased to impact the viscosity and flow

What Can Moldex3D Do?

  • Visualizes the filling behavior inside flip chip in the compression molding process
  • Evaluates the changes of melt thickness during the compression molding process
  • Supports wire sweep and particle tracking analysis simulation
  • Predicts Powder Concentration of filler content
  • Evaluates visible expressions between actual die shift behavior and maximum shear stress distribution

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