on 08/08/2017

High-quality Boundary Layer Mesh within Minutes
New Moldex3D enables 2-5x time savings in boundary layer mesh generation, helping you deliver accurate simulation results faster without sacrificing quality!


New Designer BLM makes meshing 5 times faster

The new Moldex3D Boundary Layer Mesh (BLM) generator, Designer BLM, enables the possibility of using fewer mesh elements resulting in faster simulations without loss of accuracy. Moldex3D Designer BLM, in combination with Moldex3D CADdoctor, the interactive geometry healing tool, delivers the intelligent and complete CAE pre-processing workflow, taking your simulation to the next level of efficiency and performance. 

Fixing mesh defects is no longer time-consuming


Auto Repair is one of the enhanced features of Designer BLM, which significantly reduces the effort and time needed for mesh generation. Common mesh defects such as free edges, T-connect edges and overlap elements can now be automatically detected and fixed, thereby speeding up and simplifying the meshing process.
Learn more about Moldex3D Designer BLM >>

Meeting Growing Demands for Lightweight Composite Products
Moldex3D is continuously striving to help industries build the capabilities to design “light in weight and high in strength” composite products. With this latest release, Moldex3D delivers more CAE simulation enhancements and innovations needed to achieve your lightweight design goals.


Fiber Orientation Prediction Enhancements

Enhancements are made to the Fiber module that will help users gain more accurate fiber orientation results and provide better predictions on anisotropic shrinkage and warpage. With the ability to predict fiber breakage in the barrel, Moldex3D is the only software that can give accurate fiber length distributions in the final part!
Learn more about Moldex3D Fiber Reinforced Plastics Solutions >>


Gain Strength Assessment on Reinforced Plastic Parts

Moldex3D Digimat-RP features a more streamlined simulation workflow for building better reinforced plastic parts, bridging the gap between injection molding and nonlinear Finite Element Analysis (FEA). This new technology, jointly developed by CoreTech System and
e-Xstream engineering, will help CAE and structural engineers gain greater confidence in the design of reinforced plastic parts, and ensure simulation results are highly applicable to the real-world.
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Resin Transfer Molding Simulation

Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) is a common process for manufacturing large and complex fiber-reinforced composite parts with higher strength-to-weight ratio. Moldex3D R14.0 employs True 3D numerical technology that can capture the full geometric details to accurately simulate the resin’s in-mold flow behavior. This allows for rapid evaluation and optimization on the design and process parameters, such as resin flow pattern and vent locations.
Learn more about Moldex3D Resin Transfer Molding >>r14-05a

Bringing a New Level of Versatility and Reliability to Your Simulations
Moldex3D R14.0 provides several groundbreaking solver enhancements, which can dramatically improve the speed, robustness and reliability for simulation. Highlights include the following:


More Versatility


Higher Reliability


Hot Runner Steady (HRS) Analysis

Unlike conventional flow analysis, Moldex3D HRS analysis can accurately detect potential flow balance issues to help you make appropriate design changes in no time, resulting in better hot runner design. The HRS analysis also provides significant improvement in analysis time to speed up design decision making and development processes.
Learn more about Moldex3D Hot Runner Steady Analysis >>



Enhanced Warpage Capabilities

The new Warp solver enables users to consider stress relaxation of the molded part during cooling stage, to predict not only the warp trend, but also the shrinkage rate more accurately. Advanced users can incorporate material viscoelastic characteristics for enhancing warpage prediction accuracy.

Improved and Efficient User Interface 
Launch of Moldex3D Online Help- Learn Moldex3D anytime, anywhere


Launch of Moldex3D Online Help

Whether you are an advanced user or just getting started with Moldex3D, you can now access useful product documentation, ranging from basic concepts, quick start guides, tips to step-by-step tutorials, in both online and offline environments. With Moldex3D Online Help, you can quickly find content you need to carry out a successfully simulation analysis. Explore Online Help Center to advance your simulation skills.

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