Moldex3D R12 New Features Webinar Series

  • Date:Apr 16, 2013 - May 10, 2013
  • Location: Online

In order to provide our customers a better solution, we sincerely listen to the customer and continually develop innovative products tailored to customer needs. Our upcoming product, Moldex3D R12, includes new features that provide greater functionality and stronger performance to help users enhance the efficiency of product development process optimization. Along with launch of Moldex3D R12, we have designed a series of R12 new features webinar to help Moldex3D users utilize Moldex3D in an easier and faster way.

Tips and Tricks for Effortless Model Creation

Topic Date Time
Moldex3D CADdoctor 16. Apr (Tues.) GMT 08:00 AM
Moldex3D Designer BLM 17. Apr (Wed.)
Moldex3D eDesignSYNC for CAD 18. Apr (Thur.)

Simulation Driven Solution for Your Molding Process

Topic Date Time
Bi-Injection 19. Apr (Fri.) GMT 08:00 AM
Powder Injection Molding 24. Apr (Wed.)
MuCell® Molding 25. Apr (Thur.)
Co-injection Molding 26. Apr (Fri.)
Injection Compression Molding (ICM) 30. Apr (Tues.)
IC – Encapsulation 2. May (Thur.)
Advanced Hot Runner 3. May (Fri.)
Conformal Cooling 7. May (Tues.)
RHCM and IHM Technologies 8. May (Wed.)
Compression Molding 9. May (Thur.)
FEA Interface 10. May (Fri.)

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